Clay Rouche and The UN

Someone from TBM Scandinavia was asking me about Clay Roueche’s current status since he was posting new pictures on facebook. I haven’t seen them because I have been blocked. I asked the UN a while ago if I could do an interview with Clay and they told me to F off. I told the guy from TBM that I was under the impression someone else is running a facebook account for Clay a...nd that he is still in jail in the US trying to be transferred to Canada but they are stonewalling him. I said that Clay is well liked here and is a local celebrity so they asked me to make a blog post about him since I have stopped making new posts on my blog. Here it is.

The Rolling Stone magazine wrote an article about Clay that said “Boss Weed: How Clay Roueche Changed the Marijuana Game Forever. How a blue-collar kid from Chilliwack, British Columbia, forged his own samurai code and raw ambition and became the King of B.C. Bud.” The Rolling Stone magazine compared Clay to Pablo Escobar.

Here on the west coast of Canada, the Hells Angels run everything. There are no Outlaws, Mongols or Rock Machine here. The Hells Angels have no rivals just puppets and associates. That is significant because BC Bud has become world famous and is a lucrative commodity.

The Hells Angels have been caught three times running huge cross border drug rings selling BC Bud to the US and bringing back cocaine to Canada as payment. That has been my beef all along. Selling pot is nobody’s business but slinging crack messes up communities completely. Living the dream has nothing to do with it any more. Now they are pimping the dream and are consumed with greed. It is big business.

So along comes this guy from the suburbs who sets up shop. Instead of kissing HA’s ass and becoming a puppet like everyone else, he organizes all these young kids and gets in a physical fight with them. Kim Bolan did an interview with a former member of the UN who described a large fight they got in with the Hells Angels. He said they relied on numbers which was confirmed by one of my own sources who is a former Hells Angels associate.

My source recounted a situation he observed where members of the UN came out in force and bullied the bullies. He said there were some Hells Angel associates at a park. Numerous UN members came out from all directions ready to fight and swarmed the park. They were all talking with each other on bluetooth and were very organized. He said it was a huge show of force and left a lasting impression with him.

Then there was that big fight at Brandi’s strip club in Vancouver. Brandi’s was a Hells Angels hang out since Gino was dating Brandi. The UN showed up with Johnny (K-9) Croitoru, a big Romanian guy who was a professional wrestler with a violent history in Ontario. Kim Bolan interviewed police informant Michael Plante who described the fight at Brandi’s. Plante said the UN kicked their ass and he was knocked unconscious. John Punko was so pissed off he was caught on police wiretap saying the UN are not welcome in this province and neither is anyone who does business with them.

Yet various members of the Hells Angels did start working with them and doing business with them. However, since the Hells Angels only like puppets who kiss their ass, they did business with them publicly but supported UN rivals privately. In 2009 the UN and the Bacon brothers were rivals at war. The Bacon brothers were suburban princesses supplied by and empowered by the Hells Angels. The Bacon brothers were responsible for the Surrey Six, a local gang hit that outraged the public because two innocent bystanders were executed. Jamie Bacon was not the brains of the operation. He did not try to tax Corey Lal on behalf of himself or the Triads. He was trying to tax Corey Lal on behalf of the Hells Angels.

The Mission Voice reported that “UN gang leader Clay Roueche was so obsessed with wiping out the competition in the Lower Mainland drug trade that he offered up to $300,000 to have rival Jamie Bacon executed.” That’s not entirely true. From my understanding the UN didn’t demand everyone worked for them like the Hells Angels did. The UN had a specific beef with the Bacon brothers who everyone here hates.

The Bacon brothers left the UN and took over the Red Scorpions turning the Red Scorpions from a UN affiliated group to another Hells Angels puppet club. That was their beef. It wasn’t that the UN were eliminating all rivals like the HAs do. It was a beef between the UN and the Bacon brothers because the Bacon brothers fucked with the UN. After the Surrey Six, a young mother named Nicole Alemy was shot dead with her son in the car because she and her husband were UN affiliates of those executed in the Surrey Six. The UN did not kill this young mother. It was the Bacon brothers who were supported by the Hells Angles at the time. That kind of injustice makes locals bitter just like the Brandy Sarionder murder. That was outrageous.

After Brandy and Gino broke up and she went on her own, the Hells Angels boycotted her club for years. They wouldn’t let any of her girls work at any of their clubs. That eventually took it’s toll on her girls. Last year she finally left the club that she set up and said she had seen loyalty at it’s best and disloyalty at it’s worst. She then started up a new strip club independent of the Hells Angels that was booming.

Shortly after opening the new club she was found dead of a suspicious suicide. Her murder wasn’t even investigated. I can tell you the UN didn’t murder Brandy. Someone else did. It probably wasn’t Gino. He just reported back after going our for lunch with her that she was determined to continue with the new club. Someone else ordered her hit just like they did for Britney Irving. This is why locals want a free market. They have had enough of the Hells Angels lies and brutality.

Clay Roueche’s arrest was a scam all in itself. He was on a flight to Mexico for a wedding and the plane he was on was rerouted to the US. After the plane made the unscheduled stop, US authorities arrested Clay on their soil. He had no intention of traveling there. They should have charged him and extradited him. Which makes us very suspicious of his arrest. Randy Jones’ brother still hasn’t been extradited. I’ve written quite a bit about the Gary Webb story and how the CIA have been actively involved in drug trafficking since the Vietnam war. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. Clay Roueche’s success obviously impacted the CIA’s drug trafficking so he was eliminated just like Noriega. Yet Clay’s legacy lives on.

Dennis Watson. Gangsters out


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