Tony B from TBM Canada speaking out the truth.

I´m an Old School Hells Angel from the States - like it or NOT. Been with the Hells Angels MC for many years, and now been OUT of the game for many years - and I love it. I moved to Canada several years ago with my wife and our kids to live in peace, and so we do now.

I´m a now a part of a great organisation - THE TBM NATION, and normally do I not make any personal post in our TBM Nation Group with more than 2.000 members from all over The World. It´s great to be around former brothers and friends from different Clubs from all over The World - even being around old enemies, believe it or NOT?

However, now it´s the time to do so, and I have approved on, that my statement will go public here on MC & Gjengkriminalitet, because it makes me "sick" seeing and hearing what´s going on in our once a great MC-World.

I´m pretty sure, that Old School Bikers such as my old brother from The Hells Angels MC, George Gus Christie Jr. and even an old rival from The Outlaws MC, Brutus James, and both now around The TBM Nation - will say the very same as I do, and feel the very same way as well - WHAT the fuck happend, and what went wrong in our culture we once before loved so much.

" In 1966 I walked into a world that no longer exists - George Gus Christie Jr., Former President of The Hells Angels MC"

George Gus Christie Jr. - Former President of The Hells Angels MC
(host of Outlaw Chronicles, TV show),
who rode with the Hells Angels for 40 years,
35 of which, as one of its most prominate leaders,
 performs, "Outlaw: My Life as a Hells Angel and Beyond,"
a new provocative, brutally honest,
and thought-provoking one-man show.

"I have watch our thing be slowly dismantled by greed and lack of honor. What was a proud life has been reduced to a facade. With all Respect Big Pete James - Former President,
The Outlaws MC - Chicago, USA.

Brutus James (The Boss) - Aka Big Pete, Former President
Outlaws MC - Chicago, USA.
Today, I see a NEW generation of so called 1%er running around and destroying all the good things we once before believed in. New Brotherhoods buildt by Patch Jumpers, and as my dear TBM Brother and friend Michael Green (Int. Spokesperson TBM Nation) always have said -

Many of todays new Brotherhoods are buildt by greedy so call brothers and Loyalty do NOT exits within many of todays new Brotherhoods.

Today we all over the world are witness to Governments have banned many MC Clubs, and WHY? Because a new generation have destroyed everything by doing all the shit they have done and that´s the truth - LIKE IT OR NOT. If the MC World shall survive and keep on being RESPECTED - we then have to do some inside cleaning up around many clubs in the world. When I was young and furious it took time to join a club. Today you can join a club on the net - ON THE INTERNET? It´s a fucking JOKE - and SHAME on those Clubs doing that, because your are the ones who are quilty of all this shit we see today. When you wan´t to join a MC Club you hang out with the brothers and start learning to know them, and how things work. It takes time to be a brother and a part of a Brotherhood, nothing you do day by day or over night. You have to learn to be a brother - everyone can be a so called comfortable brother and take a cut on, but it do NOT make you a brother or 1%er - HELL FUCKING NO AMIGOS. Being a biker and 1%er is a lifestyle. A lifestyle you can´t buy - your either a true 1%er or NOT - born to ride, live to ride and ride to die. Today many so called 1%er don´t even have a bike - WTF. Also do many new so called 1%er not even ride their bike to a run - they go by car and get their bikes tranported in vans - it´s a fucking joke calling them bikers by heart. In a club you ride together and you do it in a formation, that´s how a true biker rides. What we don´t need in a great MC and Biker WORLD? Wannabeeeeeeee and TV-bikers.

L&R Tony B, TBM Canada - TBM Nation.

Canada - MC & Gjengkriminalitet