Vernon Greeks found guilty of murder

Speaking of Hell Angels violence tied to the drug trade, five members and associates of the Vernon Greeks were finally convicted by jury of murder and manslaughter. We remember the Vernon Greeks. The high profile bust and trial has been riddled with gory violence. We knew they couldn’t be operating in Vernon without the permission and supply of the Hells Angels. As a result, police found Hells Angels support gear in their possession.

Marnuik was hunted down and taken to a building in Vernon that the gang called "the office" where he was beaten with a hammer and burned with a blow torch. Let’s not forget that the office on Fairweather Road was owned by Zenon Stepkowski whom police confirm is an associate of the Calgary chapter of the Hells Angels. Thus the Calgary Hells Angels support gear found on site.

So no word on Zenon being charged. Is he still doing business as usual in Salmon Arm? What about that lawyer that was initially charged and had a no contact order with the Hells Angels as a bail restriction? Were those chargers dropped as well?

The sad thing is, although the conviction is good news, right after they were busted Brock Palfrey set up shop who one source claims was also working for the Hells Angels. Evidently he used the same smuggling route across the Saskatchewan-Montana border and into B.C. So again, one violent puppet group gets busted and another sets up shop and gets busted while the ringleaders are still free doing business as usual. Well except for Skellator of course. That’s one piece of good news.

The thing we still need to discuss is the deranged level of violence associated with the Greeks and all the puppet clubs that sell drugs for the hells angels: torture, dismemberment, decapitations. We need some serious time with Dr. Phil. We need to talk about what kind of unresolved issues lead to these sick acts. They aren’t normal. They are deranged. They are the sign of a sick mind with unresolved issues. We need to talk about that and we need to talk about why we would wear a support shirt supporting that. It’s like wearing a shirt that says support Charles Manson or support Clifford Olsen. It means we need professional help.