Ramifications of the Bacon Amero shooting and arrest

There’s lots of news continuing to break but I want to pause and focus in on my primary beef. In my previous post I have expressed my doubt and contempt about Klutz Klutz being involved in the Kelowna shooting that killed Jonathon Bacon and wounded his low life pal Larry Amero while James Riach escaped uninjured.

You may be right. I might be crazy. The police wouldn’t have charged Klin Klon unless they had some kind of evidence other than his ridiculous confession. The guy is a two bit thief and an idiot. Which makes you wonder, what if he was involved? If an absolute idiot can pick up a gun and shoot Larry Amero, then what can a guy with half a brain do? An awful lot more.

IF and I say IF because I’m not going to concede defeat on this issue until I see some hard core evidence in court, IF Khun Khun really was involved in the shooting of Larry Amero, ya gotta think how embarrassing that must be for the Hells Angels. It would also obviously establish that the Hells Angels didn’t do the hit on Larry Amero like some have speculated. If Khun and the others did it, then the Hells Angels didn’t. Pretty simple math.

The fact that Larry Amero was dealing drugs for the Hells Angels in Montreal after the shooting and is now part of the new Surrey girl chapter of the Hells Angels, makes it pretty clear he was acting on club business when he was supporting the much hated Jonathon Bacon.

Again I want to stress that this was not a new association. James Riach was with the Independent Soldiers when he met with the Bacon Brothers in the Castle Fun Park meeting in Kevlar before the Surrey Six Murder. James Riach, Randy Naicker and the Independent Soldiers supported the Bacon Brothers back then. Before, during and after the Surrey Six. That means all those tit for tat shootings in the 2009 gang war was not between the Bacon brothers and the Independent Soldiers. It was mostly between the Bacon brothers and the UN.

We also know that Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon before during and after the Surrey Six murder. We just didn’t have any pictures of the two together. We could prove that Bacon brother friends were friends with Larry Amero’s friends at the time. So my point is, Larry Amero and the Hells Angels support of the Bacon brothers was before during and after the surrey six murder as well. At the Kelowna shooting Larry had finally come out of the closet with his support of the Bacons who took over the Red Scorpions for the Hells Angels.

Spike’s niece getting paralyzed in the shooting was a genuine tragedy. Yet it was no accident she was there. She had Spike’s blessing. Let’s not forget that although Spike’s niece was her own person, Spike is and was a complete dirt bag. He is the one who profited from Ernie Ozolins’ murder. Nino became a patch member of the Haney Hells Angels the same year Ernie was murdered and he sports a filthy few patch. Do the math. They not only betrayed a brother for the almighty dollar, they stole his land from his family after they murdered him. That’s not even touching on their control of Piggy Palace and their involvement with the Pickton farm.

Although the Hells Angels weren’t mentioned much in the 2009 Vancouver gang war, we know now they were the driving force behind it. Now it’s obvious who is exterminating the Dhurry Dhak group. If a drug dealing rival of the Hells Angels keeps getting shot, who do you think are the prime suspects in their murder? Although people are still getting shot, at least now we know the real cause and the people who are ultimately responsible.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, helping the Hells Angels get a monopoly on the drug trade by arresting all their rivals is irresponsible. Just remember Janice Shore and the torture chambers in the basements of the Hells Angels crack shacks in Prince George. Just remember what the Whiteboy Posse did to Bob Roth for the Hells Angels in Edmonton. Then tell me it’s in the public’s best interest to let the Hells Angels deal drugs and just arrest their competitors. I passionately disagree. Just ask the Devil’s Butler.