The Outlaws MC in Ontario

We all know that the Outlaws MC do in fact exist in Ontario. Last summer was their 35th Anniversary in Ottawa. It’s interesting to see how many Rock Machine members showed up for the occasion. Recognize anyone?

Why that’s Joseph Strachan on the right. One source claims he just got out of prison for fire bombing the 187 ink but is no longer in good standing. These new Rock Machine guys have a tendency of kicking out their leaders. Well at least they did Sean Brown. The guy who resurrected the group in the first place.

This is a photo inside their clubhouse.

Hey, there’s Critical Jay again on the right and look at that. Steve King on the Left. I’m told Steve King is a member of the Outlaws now not the Rock Machine. Moving up in the world I suppose.

There were even Mongols and RM from Europe there.

I thought Lone Riders patched over a long time ago. I guess some are still around.

I don’t support selling crack but anyone with a brain can see why the Outlaws are so strong in Ontario. Why just look at the Ontario Village Idiots. Who would want to roll with them? That's pretty embarrassing. I guess every parade needs a few clowns.


  1. Anonymous6/25/2022

    6/2022.. any remaining outlaws mc chapters, remaining in Canada?


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