Sean Wolfe only wants to serve one sixth of his sentence

Speaking of the Dale Donavon Sean Wolfe crack cocaine ring in Winnipeg, turns out Sean Wolfe is objecting to the fact that he isn’t getting accelerated parole. We’re not talking about statutory release after two thirds of his sentence. This is even worse. The accelerated parole review (APR) was an old program that said it’s possible for some inmates to be released after only serving one sixth of their sentence not two thirds. That is the epitome of insanity.

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that Sean Wolfe’s lawyer claims Wolfe is illegally being punished twice and that "Every day he's in jail is a day he shouldn't be." That is so ridiculous it is offensive. The guy was helping the Hells Angles traffic cocaine in Winnipeg which was sold as crack and fed that city’s crime and gang violence. Only serving one sixth of his sentence would be an offensive mockery of justice and public safety. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

In Sean’s defense I will point out that locking him up for 30 years won’t stop the Hells Angels drug trafficking in Winnipeg. As we have seen as soon as one group get arrested, the Hells Angels just get another group to traffic drugs for them which continues the crack plague of crime and violence. Which as we have recently seen has extended to using young teenagers to sell crack for them. One was 12 years old. That is really messed up.

Sean Wolfe and Tiny Mac were accused of threatening a young kid with a gun and beating him with a hammer but the kid was too scared to testify against them so they got off. Justice denied.

The government got rid of the accelerated parole in 2011 and applied it retroactively to everyone already incarcerated. One could feasibly argue that it shouldn’t have been applied retroactively since doing away with the double time pretrial credit wasn’t done away with retroactively. However, the whole concept of an accelerated parole after you serve only one sixth of your sentence is absolutely insane at best. It’s existence at all was a mockery of justice. Perhaps we should go back and send everyone that has been released on that insane program back to jail.

The charter of rights does not say you have the right to sell crack or commit crime. It is horrible that some dumb ass lawyer would dare misinterpret the charter and talk about violating someone’s right to sell crack. We don’t need to do away with the charter of rights because it doesn’t say that. It says his client has a right to legal representation and a fair trial which he had. His rights have not been violated. The public’s rights will be violated if he gets his way.

Wolfe’s lawyer said his client is no longer a member of the Zig Zag crew. That’s because he’s a member of the Hells Angels now and the Zig Zag crew has been disbanded in name yet still has the support of the Hells Angels in prison. Has Sean removed his Zig Zag crew burning ring of fire tattoo? Even if he has that doesn’t mean he’s no longer a member of the Hells Angels.

Personally, I think we should do away with mandatory statutory release after two thirds of a sentence is served and make it possible not mandatory. It's possible for good behavior of if they willingly participate in a work camp not automatic.


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