Boo Who

Alia Pierini, our Prince George drug dealer featured on the TV Reality show Redemption was back in court yesterday for the possession of a controlled substance. Alia’s nickname is Boo. I still have yet to dive into my own discourse on redemption but I want to make it clear I’m not glorifying in her stumble. People makes mistakes and often when people try to straighten up, they stumble along the way. I do believe she was sincerely trying to make some changes and is capable of making those changes permanent if she really wants to.

I think locals were skeptical of her change of heart because of the violent nature of her past drug history. Her boyfriend cut off a guy’s finger for a drug debt and paraded around with it to show people and Boo hit a guy in the back with a medieval battle axe over drug debts. Later she and her friends were joking about it on facebook.

Police alleged, and the court found, that Pierini and co-accused Scott Payne were part of an organized crime group called The Crew, a puppet club of the Hells Angels. Her brother Dustin Lee Pierini was also involved. In 2011 he was arrested for trying to bring a gun into a club after he got into a fight with someone and was caught in possession of cocaine as well.

Scott Payne was convicted of cutting off someone’s finger for a $170 drug debt owed to the Crew in Prince George. Then predator Kit Alwood starts a clothing line in Prince George known as CRU Clothing with the slogan Untouchable. Her son was charged in the deranged sexual assault where a mob assaulted a kid and left him for dead in a snow bank after they sodomized him with a broomstick. They want us to think that deranged assault had nothing to do with a drugs or the Crew. Yet all the deranged young offenders were frequently seen sporting Free MC Dusty T-shirts referring to Boo’s brother.

Glen James Louis is a rapper raised by the criminally negligent group homes in Prince George where he graduated from that program with a grade 8 education and a thriving drug dealing business. He raps about collecting drug debts and calls for his friends who sodomized the kid with a broom stick to be freed from prison. This is a very deranged crew. Social misfits. Alia Pierini is due back in court November 6 and 29th for trial. Boo is still featured on Crack Shack Records.