Gangsters Inc.’s first monthly newsletter

October 2013

By David Amoruso

Dear members of Gangsters Inc.,

To keep all of you up to date on the world of organized crime and the Mafia, we at Gangsters Inc. decided to compile a monthly newsletter in which we give a short rundown of the best articles, profiles, photos, and news Gangsters Inc. has had to offer in the past four weeks.
This is our first edition!

October was a great month for Gangsters Inc. as we were very proud and pleased to announce that former union leader Ronald Fino has joined our writing staff. Fino has been around the block and back growing up as the son of a Mafia capo, becoming a union leader, and then joining the FBI in helping to fight union corruption. His first article about organized crime and labor racketeering gave us excellent insight into a hidden and complicated world. A lot more to come!

Gangsters Inc. got its start as a profile site offering readers a short bio of a gangster. We’ve been adding more regular pieces lately and have neglected the profiles a bit. That will change in the coming months.
This month, we’ve had two profiles of two very different criminals. One dealt with Mafia rebel and legend
“Crazy Joe” Gallo who took on the Profaci/Colombo crime family and managed to stay alive far longer than anyone expected.

The other profile was about a female drug boss who showed us that when it comes to being violent and brutal women can hang with the worst of the men out there. Jamaican born Jean Brown ran a very successful drug smuggling operation that distributed marijuana in several major U.S. cities. When people in her organization were disloyal she tortured them and had them killed. No matter who it was. When the father of her child wanted out of the organization she ordered Mexican hit men to kill him.

The world of organized crime never stops turning. Plenty of news! Two of the more interesting stories dealt with the Albanian Mafia gaining a leading role in the Italian drug underworld and the Chinese Triads trying to extort Michael Bay, director of Transformers 4, in Hong Kong. A story widely reported in the mainstream media but none covered it quite like us at Gangsters Inc. since we gave a detailed account of other movie stars who had been the victim of the Chinese Mafia. Stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

You read it all at Gangsters Inc. and we hope you keep coming back for more!