Is the UN supplying the Front Room with drugs?

This is a picture of Ralph Horodylowski. He supplies the Front Room with drugs. I saw him. He was pretty conspicuous. He was a little too clean to be a resident but he sure didn’t look like a volunteer either. He met up with a scruffy looking guy that looked more like a resident. When they were outside the scruffy guy pulls out a wad of cash. Pretty suspicious for someone who’s supposed to be homeless. The person I was with recognized Ralph as a drug dealer.

The startling part is the cover picture on his facebook. He’s the one crouching in the front row on the right side of the picture wearing a t-shirt as opposed to the designer dress shirt. Look at all the guys in the background he is boasting that support his drug business. They sure look like UN to me. A lot of their friends appear to be in jail or have criminal records for B&E.

Here’s another picture of him with a similar group. I’d sure like some help putting names to faces here. I’m curious as to who the girl is. This picture opens Pandora’s box. If the UN is supplying the Front Room with drugs, is the UN responsible for Janice Shore’s murder? Please advise.