Red Scorpions still in Business

The recent murder of a member of the Red Scorpions in Abbotsford has been fairly big news. However, it certainly doesn't sound like they're done regardless of their ridiculous red lobster logo and their unpopular affiliation with the Bacon brothers.

Kim Bolan reported that another member of the Red Scorpions was arrested on Vancouver Island after he left a meeting with a few Red Scorpion associates in Mission the day after the murder. In October CBC reported that 5 tied to the Red Scorpions were arrested in a Nanaimo drug bust on the Island. They were caught with crack, heroin and crystal meth.

The Nanaimo Daily news pointed out that was the second bust that year involving the Red Scorpions in Nanaimo forcing them to conclude that the Red Scorpions are still in business for the Hells Angels of course. The Red Scorpions have new aprons now instead of support shirts.