The Hells Angels and Organized Crime

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This is going to be a work in progress. There has been a lot of talk about the Hells Angels
being deemed a criminal organization. This page is going to be a list of links to cases
where the Hells Angels have been convicted or implicated in the sale of drugs and the
drug related violence that plagues our country as well as related criminal acts they are
involved with. Let's start with Weird Hal Porteous and the Jones Brothers.

The first drug conviction locally I want to look at is the conviction of Hells Angels associate
Rob Shannon. Robert Shannon plead guilty in the US to federal charges of conspiring
to distribute cocaine and high-quality marijuana on behalf of the
Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club. His co-accused Devron Quast, Philip Stone,
John Fairweather and Shannon have all admitted they were involved in a multinational
operation that involved smuggling up to 30,000 kilos of B.C. Bud into the U.S. and
thousands of kilos of cocaine back.
7,000 pounds of marijuana and 1,700 pounds of cocaine were seized during the
investigation yet the cross border drug ring was well established and had been going on
for quite some time - "years of misdeeds." Shannon received a 20 year prison sentence.

So here's the deal. The Hells Angels were named in the US incitement. Rob Shannon
was seen in many pictures with Hal Porteous. Rob Shannon and his business partner
Jody York were even in that stupid red neck rap video with Hal Porteous bragging about
a life of crime claiming he experienced no remorse for what he had done. 
People involved with that case were directly involved in the
Vancouver gang war which peaked in 2009. Jody York's house was shot at, Jody paid
for a hit on Anthon where the shooter missed, Ron Shannon was kidnapped and
Devon Quast paid a $100,000 ransom to get him back then Shannon threatened Quast's
grandmother from prison after they were all arrested. Rob Krants was Jody York's co
accused in another case and ended up dead before the case went to trial. Weird Hal
and the Hells Angels were tied to Revolution Martial arts in Langley and Larry Amero.

Bacon brother associate Kevin LeClair used to fight out of Revolution. He was shot dead
in the gang war. It is a dirty web of betrayal tied to Kelowna and the Hells Angels there.

While we're talking about casualties in the Vancouver gang war let's not forget the two
fun loving kids from Kamloops that were brutally murdered in Mexico while setting up
some cocaine deals for the Hells Angels.

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My point is, for years up to the Vancouver gang war in 2009, the Hells Angels were
clearly the main suppliers of cocaine in Western Canada. Then in 2011 we see the
Hells Angels named in another huge cross border drug ring busted in the US. It was the
same MO just different mules. This time the drug ring was centred out of Tbarz linked to
the Jones Brothers. As those charged and indited await trial, the Hells Angels still own all
the grow ops that produced that much pot and have all the drug contacts to sell that much
crack so the problem continues. Let's just be honest about who is causing the problem.

Let's also be honest about how long they have been the source of the problem. In 2008
they were implicated in a cross border drug ring that had been going on for years prior.

In 2011 then were caught in another similar cross border drug ring. Yet it goes back
further than that. It goes back to 2001 when a boat loaded with 2 1/2 tons of cocaine
bound for the BC Hells Angels was seized by police and no charges were laid.

Why do I keep talking about the Hells Angels? Because they are the biggest problem
in Vancouver and in BC which  created the gang war.

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Surrey and Kelowna. Glen Hehn was caught red handed loading 52 kilograms of cocaine
from his own storage locker onto a truck. He claimed the boxes belonged to someone
else who was s=using his storage  locker and that he didn't know what was in the boxes.

The associates plead guilty and Glen Hehn walked.

David Giles was caught on wiretap claiming Revell had made $30,000 for him in the
past several months. His lawyer did not argue what was said on that wiretap. His lawyer
argued that only proved  Rempel worked for Giles. 8 kilograms of cocaine was seized.

Revell and Rempel plead  guilty while David Giles walked.

There are a vast number of more cases which I'll end up itemizing in a table of cocaine
convictions. However, it's important to realize what history has established. The 2011
and the 2008 cross border pot for cocaine drug ring were vast and both directly tied to
the Hells Angels. Add that to the 2 1/2 tons of cocaine seized in 2001 and we can clearly
see who the largest suppliers are on the West coast.

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Yet it goes back further than that. It goes back to
Christmas eve 1995 when "the boys" murdered
Eugene and Michele Uyeyama after a cocaine bust
involving the Hells Angels and Tony Terezaki the nutbar 
who video taped himself beating drug addicts in
East Vancouver for drug debts. The 1995 drug bust
involved Roberto Salvatore Ciancio  who was working
with Tony Terezaki where 305 kilograms of cocaine was

Eugene and his wife were murdered because Eugene was the police informant in the
case. The wrapped Christmas presents from the boys the hitmen delivered was gasoline 
to burn the bodies and the house after they were murdered.

While we're on the subject I will cite the Zig Zag crew bust tied to the Hells Angels in
Manitoba. That case clearly showed how the Hells Angels set up the Zig Zag crew who
sold crack for  the Hells Angels and paid them protection money so the Hells Angels 
would protect them from rival drug dealers.

The same pattern was used across the country. Niagara chapter were nothing but old
men on Viagra who sold drugs. Even Alberta the Hells angels are well entrenched in
controlling the drug trade there as well. The White boy passe was a white puppet club
that spread from Edmonton down south to sell drugs and promote hate. In Edmonton
Hells Angel John Reginald Alcantara plead guilty to being involved with a cocaine
trafficking ring so that fellow Hells angel Alan Peter Knapczyk could walk.

20 kilograms of cocaine was seized in that bust. The point was they were using the
name and reputation of the Hells Angels to traffic cocaine. It wasn't just one guy who
did it without the club's knowledge or permission.

In 2001, 11 kilograms of cocaine were seized in Calgary related to raids on the
Hells Angels. Before we get into the drug related violence the Hells Angels have been
involved with to secure their monopoly of the drug trade, let's also remember the theft.

In Washington state, Richard "Smiling Rick" Allen Fabel, of Spokane, was charged with
running a corrupt organization based on stealing, violence and physical threats.

Two other former members of the club also were convicted. In Washington
, the chapter dealt mostly in stolen motorcycles and parts and had nine members when
investigators started to build their case in 2001.pretty thieves? I kid you not but they're
not the only ones. Mom Boucher himself started out as a petty thief. When Mommy
dearest was first starting out he had a list of break and enters and theft. He stole c
igarettes, TVs and electronics. Break and enter! That's Surrey rat not noble biker.

November 1975 he and a friend burst into a Butcher shop and robbed the 71 year
old owner with a riffle and a butcher knife. It takes two guys to rob a 71 year old man
at gun point? He is the rat.

Now we have Robert Thomas. He's one of the Hells Angels charged in the senseless
murder of Dain Phillips where witnesses claim they saw two hells angels and a throttle
locker beat the father to death with baseball bats and hammers. Robert Thomas is a
piece of garbage. He is also just another petty thief.

He has a long record of break and enter, theft and possession of stolen property. So you
tell me, who are the real rats? That's not even including the prostitution, the Pickton farm   
or Neil Hall's book and the East Van Hells Angels documentary. Much.
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