Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels

Last night on History Channel’s OUTLAW CHRONICLES: HELLS ANGELS, former president George Christie, Jr. talked about the motorcycle club’s appetite for parties–and the group’s special style of partying. Basically? The harder and longer, the better. But, there were a few rules, as well.

For one, as a Hells Angel, a member had to “represent” well. Whatever the party, wherever, however long it goes, there is no falling asleep allowed. Christie detailed how he and another newly inducted member took a wannabe–not even up to the standard of “hangaround” at that point”–to a party and he did just that: got drunk and fell asleep. Apparently, that was some kind of mark against the Hells Angels, although what exactly that would be was not exactly clear … weakness, maybe? At any rate, the guy found out that the Angels meant it when they told him not to go to sleep, when they took lighter fluid and set him on fire up to his knees.
Drugs are a Hells Angels party staple, apparently. In fact, it seems that drug use is just a way of life in Hells Angels culture. Depending on the era, the “drug of choice” is different–might be LSD, might be coke, might be crank. Whatever it takes to keep the party going–sleep does not seem to be something the Hells Angels hold in high esteem.

Heroin, however, was one drug that was actually banned, because of the nasty effects it can have. It is super-addictive and, because of that, Christie said, addicts would choose the drug over their brothers, making them unreliable. “We don’t have a lot of rules on how to party, but heroin was something we put our foot down with. You get caught using heroin, automatic kick-out.”
According to the episode, meth is something many of the Hells Angels welcomed as the “perfect drug.” It gave them the ability to go without sleep, and feel like they were, as Christie said, not on top of the world, but on top of the universe. It was cheaper than cocaine, with a longer high. But, it also had some bad side effects, especially when combining the drug with everything else offered by the club. Lack of sleep, over-indulging and heavy meth use can result in “tweaking” and losing control, unable to come off the high or calm down. One such paranoid “tweaking Angel” was pushed too far when some unwise Angels decide to “mudcheck” him, i.e. “test a biker’s character” with mindgames and taunting. Somehow, the tweaking Angel got the idea in his mind that he was going to be killed–paranoia is common with meth use–and started shooting.
Over time, at least, the Hells Angels learned what so many did–and are unfortunately still learning today: Meth is NOT the so-called “perfect drug.”

“That drug is a destroyer,” Christie said. “You see these tweakers that are affected for the rest of their lives. It alters their brain pattern, it alters their thoughts, it chemically changes them. They’re never the same.”


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