Time to shut it down

By Agent K - GangstersOut

Today is the day my enemies will rejoice. Today is the day I finally shut down the blog. All good things must come to an end. All the court stuff has been resolved. It's just that I've taken this as far as I think I can and there is no sense in repeating myself over and over. I will simply record my dissent and walk away. The bottom line is that my kids really want me to shut it down.

Although I have always been involved in some form of community service throughout my life I have always believed that no other success compensates for failure in the home. Although my kids are all grown up the back lash from this blog has indeed adversely affected them and it's time for us to move forward. This blog has never been about me. It's always been about the cause.

I was hoping to hold off until Kerri Krysko released her second book but that day has almost come and I will post the link when it is ready. I supported her cause because I believed she could become a powerful influence for good just like I supported TBM Fresh Start in Scandinavian.

Leaving the gang life and having a fresh start is a move in a positive direction. To do that we have to leave the life behind. We don't need to talk about it all the time. We need to talk about other things. We have seen how the gang life is filled with greed and betrayal. There is no loyalty or honour in it. There will always be crime and criminals. We need to be careful what we support.

What they did to Janice Shore was wrong. History has recorded that. As I have said there are many other bloggers that are prepared to take up the cause. I have said all I had to say. I will post my e-book for free which basically summarizes my position. Peace. Just remember that life does not end at death and what we do in life echos in eternity. Carry on.


  1. We say goodbye to Agent K and congratulate for a job well done and over many years.

    Others are willing to continue. Here's hoping we can be half as good as Agent K some day. http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/


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