Camorra mobster gets life in prison for murder of drug dealer

By David Amoruso, GangstersInc.

Camorra gangster Giuseppe De Filippis (photo above, left) was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for the 2014 murder of a Nigerian drug dealer in the town of Mondragone. The trial of De Filippis shed light on how the local Camorra is outsourcing some of its rackets to emerging foreign groups.

De Filippis is a member of the Camorra clan in Mondragone, made (in)famous in Roberto Saviano’s book Gomorra. As is usual in Italy, this clan dominated organized crime in the area, collecting extortion payments and dealing drugs.

When it came to the drug trade, however, they were very “hands-off.” They acted as wholesalers and distributed the drugs to local African gangsters who worked the street corners. The Africans were free to do whatever they wanted as long as they bought their drugs from the Camorra.

It didn’t take long for an enterprising kingpin named Edokpa Gowin, nicknamed Nokia, to think he had acquired enough power to take a stand against the mob. He was wrong.

In May of 2014, police found a burnt out car in the countryside of Villa Literno. Inside was the charred body of Gowin. Once, he acted as an integral part of the Camorra in Mondragone. Now, he had been dealt with like so many other low-level mobsters who wanted more than their bosses were willing to give.

Camorra hitman Nino Capaldo (photo above, on the right) is all too familiar with such a life. In court he recounted how he was ordered to murder Gowin because the Nigerian had cornered a piece of the market. “[Giuseppe De Filippis] told me to shoot and I shot him,” he testified.
Yesterday, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for obeying De Filippis’ deadly order.