10 Quick Rules of Biker Etiquette

MC Tips
These are 10 Rules of Biker Etiquette you would assume are common sense, but you would be surprised on how many people over look them.

• Learn the proper way to introduce your self. Remember if your wearing a patch on your back, your representing your entire club. Make sure you do it right.
Club name – Road name – City of Origin
If your a prospective member it’s:
Club name – Prospect – Road name – City of Origin

• If it’s not YOUR bike in the parking lot, don’t sit on it or touch it.

• Keep your hands off another persons patch. That includes when your greeting a fellow biker. If you absolutely have to touch their back. Touch their shoulder area where you clear the patches. Remember these people likely went through all kinds of hell earning those patches, so show some respect. The only person allowed to touch them is the person wearing them and the brothers they share patches with.

• Don’t interrupt a conversation amongst biker brothers. Unless your invited into the conversation your not welcome. Mind your own business and go about your way.

• Respect ol ladies. How would you feel if some one flirted with or spoke rudely to your better half. This only leads to a bad path you do not want to be at the end of.

• If you bump into a fellow biker do the respectful thing and admit its your bad. If you ignore it and continue walking they have no choice but to consider it a sign of disrespect.

• Don’t go starting fights in a bar. Why do you think the bars are banning colors? I’m not saying let anyone disrespect you, but be smart about it and don’t be the one picking fights. Your ruining it for everyone.

• Don’t cut into the middle of a pack of riders for ANY REASON! If merging from or onto the freeway, slow down, and fall in behind. Hauling ass and passing another patched member is a sign of disrespect.

• Don’t pass anyone in their own lane, because now your really asking for it. Not only is it illegal, they may “accidentally” stick out a boot and send you off the road.

• If you don’t know the fellow biker riding in front of you, don’t pull up beside them with out an invitation. They will automatically assume you’re up to no good, and react.