Mongols clash with Iron Order in Denver

The Canadian Press is reporting that "One person was fatally shot and seven others were injured in a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo on Saturday. Investigators believe there was an exchange of gunfire at about 1 p.m. In addition to the person who was shot and killed, three others were shot, another person was stabbed and three others suffered injuries from a fistfight."

The Daily Mail is reporting that it was a clash between Mongols and the Iron Order. A fight broke out and escalated into a stabbing and a shootout. The recent biker clash in Waco, Texas was a fight between Bandidos and a Hells Angel puppet club. Both of whom are involved in the drug trade.

Although the Mongols are Hells Angels rivals and have been known to be involved in the drug trade to some extent, the Iron Order doesn't appear to be involved in that lifestyle. A lot of the Hells Angels puppet clubs hate on the Iron Order because they aren't drug dealers like the rest of them and some of their members may be cops. Mongols are a credible MC from southern California that has a large Latino membership. The Hells Angels do not.


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