Police raids net Camorra bosses and €1 million euros

By David Amoruso, Gangsters Inc.

Italian police arrested several high-ranking members of the Camorra yesterday. In separate raids spread out across Italy, agents busted fugitive boss Alessandro Giannelli, who is held responsible for a drug war that is raging through Naples, and the financial arm of the Moccia clan.

Giannelli’s (above, right) arrest comes at a time when the 38-year-old Camorra leader was rapidly expanding his power in the Naples underworld. He was doing so amidst violence and chaos. So much so that the Italian government sent in the army to patrol the streets and dampen the murders.

While Giannelli’s clan is killing over drugs, members of the Moccia clan were operating on a higher level. They ran companies that distributed cheese, fruits, and vegetables to restaurants and supermarkets in Rome. If businessmen did not want their product, the Moccias had ways of getting them to say yes. Authorities have charged seven suspects with fraud, money laundering, attempted extortion, coercion, and Mafia association.

Assets to a total value of €1 million euros were seized during 17 searches carried out in the Campania, Lazio and Lombardy regions. Investigators say Camorra boss Luigi Moccia (60) - photo above, left - was planning to expand into hotels, with investments worth €15 million euros.