Blaze back in court May 2nd

Blaze the woman beater and his rock throwing co accused are due back in court May 2nd. Castanet is reporting that "A trial date is still pending for an alleged longtime member of the Independent Soldiers gang and his girlfriend."

"Lake Country's Donahugh Fredrick McWhirter, 44, and his girlfriend, Brittany Marie Stinn, 26, were arrested last January following a lengthy RCMP investigation. The pair appeared in Kelowna B.C. Supreme Court today and are expected back in court May 2 to set a date for trial."

It wil be interesting to hear how his trafficking crystal meth charge goes. I can't beleive that peice of garbage got a publication ban on the trial. Yet another example of a corrupt court system.


  1. Guys s a known rat snitch and a sexual predator

  2. When we find him on the island he's getting it.

  3. Hopefully he will get what he deserves :-(


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