Montreal mob violence reignites

The National Post is reporting that "After a brief lull, blood is being spilled in Montreal’s underworld. A homicide and an attempted murder in recent weeks are raising questions about the turmoil in the Montreal Mafia."

"The Hells (Angels) are restructuring and coming back as strong as they were before the fiasco of Operation SharQc... The Hells rely on small clubs in Montreal and even in the Outaouais region. These little clubs are charged with setting up networks of drug sales and trafficking. They do it under the benediction of the Hells."

"Nino De Bartolomeis was shot March 28. On March 21st A 42-year-old man is shot dead in a parking lot in Terrebonne, north of Montreal. Reports say his name was Yannick Larose had ties to the Hells Angels. March 1st Lorenzo Giordano, 52, a leading member of the Montreal Mafia who may have been in line to leader the organization, is shot dead while sitting in a car in a Laval parking lot."

"Nov. 19, 2015: In a major operation, police arrest the alleged heads of Montreal’s most powerful criminal organizations and declare the Mafia, the Hells Angels and street gangs were working together. Among the 48 people arrested are Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito, described as the heads of the Montreal Mafia. Others charged included: Maurice (Mom) Boucher, the former Hells Angels leader currently serving a life sentence; Salvatore Cazzetta, alleged leader of the Hells Angels; and street-gang leaders Dany Cadet Sprinces and Grégory Woolley."