Oz Bikies on the rise on Gold Coast

A recent report warns bikie violence is “escalating” on the Gold Coast and gangs are actively recruiting in preparation for a looming turf war. The report, made public yesterday, said violence was escalating between Finks and Hells Angels.

A number of the new Finks members were formerly associated with the Hells Angels, and that has potential to cause conflict. Since October 2015, there have been a number of ‘tit-for-tat’ exchanges of violence.

The clubs are stepping in to take control of themarket share left vacant by the disruption of the Mongols’ trafficking network. Gangs were merging after the 2013 crackdown.

The Finks’ logo has changed in its coloring. The character ‘Bung’ now has gold coloring, rather than the traditional black and white. This represents an allegiance between the Finks and the Commanchero. The Commanchero do not have a presence in Queensland but have long considered establishing a chapter.

Allegiance was to give each a larger share and support for each other in case of conflict with the Hells Angels.