Sources say David 'Hammer' Macdonald is putting elements of an outlaw biker gang in place in the province

He’s known in London as a longtime outlaw biker who helped change the criminal landscape of the city. Now, David ‘Hammer’ Macdonald is being held responsible for bringing the Hells Angels back to Nova Scotia. Police say the London biker helped about 15 members of the Gatekeepers, a puppet club, move a key step closer to becoming full patch Hells Angels by awarding them hang-around status in June. The next step is becoming a prospect.
“He wouldn’t be going there to socialize,” biker analyst and author Yves Lavigne said of Macdonald’s reported presence in the province. “The Hells Angels is a franchise and someone gives them training.”

Macdonald might have been one of several mentors or a chapter godfather, “someone who keeps tabs on their moves, makes sure they get rid of weak members and makes sure they are doing things well.” Macdonald has established a lengthy resume in creating outlaw biker clubs.