Judge Refuses To Remove Prosecutor In Waco Biker Shootings

WACO (AP) — A judge has refused to disqualify a Central Texas district attorney who’s prosecuting more than 150 bikers indicted in last year’s deadly gun battle at a Waco restaurant.

District Judge Matt Johnson on Thursday denied a motion, on behalf of two bikers, to have McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna removed.

Critics say Reyna overstepped his authority in having so many bikers arrested following the May 2015 shootout that left nine people dead. Records show 154 bikers face charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Reyna is also the subject of lawsuits by some bikers alleging they were unlawfully arrested and jailed on bonds of $1 million.

 An attorney for one biker who sought to remove Reyna said he’s disappointed with Thursday’s decision and will evaluate his next step.