Hells Angels refusing to help cops with shooting investigation

The Hells Angels are refusing to help cops solve a shooting over a parking spot outside their Manhattan headquarters (link is external) — lowering a cone of silence around the attack, NYPD sources said Monday.

“They’re not cooperative. They never are. They’re d–kheads. They have a bad track record with us,” one police source said of the motorcycle club.

Another high-ranking cop added, “They’re not going to turn in one of their guys.”
After the shooting — in which a biker shot a man in the gut for removing an orange parking cone Sunday — the Angels holed up in their East Village clubhouse and refused to talk to cops, a police source said.

On Monday morning, they defiantly set up an illegal orange traffic cone — again — to save spots for several of their Harley Davidson motorcycles on East Third Street near First Avenue, sparking a bizarre new confrontation with cops.

“Those cops aren’t going to do shit!’’ one biker boasted after spotting a police cruiser parked nearby.
But all hell broke loose when a cop removed the orange cone and tossed it into a cruiser, prompting a roughneck lady Angel to burst into tears (link is external).

“I don’t know what to do! Why are they doing this?! I’m just trying to do the right thing!” the motorcycle mama sobbed.

A traffic cone placed by a Hells Angels member sits in the middle of 3rd Street.
The crybaby biker then hopped in a Chevy and nearly plowed into a Post photographer. Cops slapped her with three summonses, including failure to signal, failure to wear a seat belt and reckless driving, a police source said.

The search is still on for the biker who shot David Martinez, 25, in the gut Sunday after he moved cone to get around a double-parked vehicle, cops said.

The victim’s mom, Angie Martinez, was distraught over her son’s attack Monday.
“It’s not fair. He’s young, and to get hurt like this — he could have died, all for moving a stupid cone,” she told The Post. “[The bikers] were so angry, and they took it out on kids trying to have fun.”

Her son was recovering after a bullet grazed his spine, she said.

Photo: Daniel William McKnight

“He’s in so much pain. All we asked him was how he feels said he was in pain. He could barely talk,” she said. “We don’t know the prognosis yet, but he just got out of surgery. So far he’s OK. He’s stable.
“[Doctors] were trying to put a screw or something in his spine to make him a little bit more stable,” she added.

Meanwhile, cops found weapons — including a tow-chain wrench, brass knuckles and a knife — while searching the Hells Angels clubhouse, a police source said.

Police have also subpoenaed the motorcycle club for all of its video. “We still haven’t found the shooter. We’re looking at all of the video around the shooting area and then extending out to look at video in the general area to see if we see something that can help us track the shooter,” a police source said.

The officer added, “We’ve collected extensive video around the crimes scene to assist us.”
On Sunday, Martinez was riding in the passenger seat of his Mercedes-Benz around 1:20 a.m. when a friend driving the car stopped because a livery car was blocking his way on East Third Street, cops said.

Martinez got out to move the cone, so the Mercedes could pass, sources said. But a Hells Angels member wearing the group’s distinctive insignia on his jacket came out of the clubhouse and told Martinez not to touch it, cops said.

The two began bickering, and three other men who were traveling with Martinez piled out of his car, at which point the biker threw a punch at him, cops said.