Hells Angels linked to Haarlem mayor's car fire

The Haarlem chapter of outlaw motorcycle gang Hells Angels is suspected of setting in June 2015, while he was still the mayor of Haarlem, the police confirmed to AD. Nine members of the Hells Angels were arrested last week after a

That the for the arson has long been a matter of speculation, but this is the first time the police actually confirmed that this is a scenario that they are considering, according to the newspaper. The car fire happened during the early hours of June 15th, 2015.

"I am happy that the judiciary continued with this case", Scheniders said to AD. "There was always a suspicion in the direction of the Hells Angels. The police always told me that a large investigation is ongoing and the car fire is included in it. Apparently they've gotten a bit further."

The car fire followed a few months after Hells Angels Haarlem leader Lysander de R. was . He was for that last year. Schneiders called the arrest "a good thing" in the media. Something that De R. was not very happy with, as became evident when he bumped into Schneiders ata gas station some time later. "It was a confrontational discussion", Shcneiders said to the newspaper.

A total of 10 people were arrested on Thursday night when the police raided the Hells Angels club house and 24 locations in different cities. Officers found and seized firearms, knives, fake guns, tasers, cocaine, ecstasy, cars, motorcycles and some 49 thousand euros in cash. The suspects are 9 men and one woman, who is not a member of the Hells Angels but is connected to the club. They are suspected of extortion, threats, arson and violence. Following the searches, several of them are also suspected of money laundering. Drug trafficking will likely also be added to the list of charges.

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