3rd suspect accused in biker-gang murder case

A third man has been arrested in connection with the March 15 killing of 38-year-old Dion Nixon of Grand Junction at James Trailer Park. Gregory Shariod Clark, 39, was arrested shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday on suspicion of first-degree murder, according to Mesa County Jail records.

Grand Junction Police spokeswoman Heidi Davidson said affidavits and warrants relating to Clark’s arrest have been sealed by a judge, but she confirmed that Clark is suspected of involvement in Nixon’s shooting death.

Richard Byrd, 48, of Fruita, and Rufus Billups, 41, of Grand Junction, were arrested March 16 on first-degree murder and felony menacing charges. Police believe both men are affiliated with outlaw motorcycle club the Sin City Deciples, a group that intentionally misspells its own name and is considered to be a “1-percenter” group by local law enforcement.

The term 1-percenter originated from an American Motorcycle Association statement that 99 percent of motorcyclists are law-abiding people, according to a report from the National Gang Intelligence Center. Some outlaw motorcycle groups have since adopted “1%” as a symbol.

Clark’s address is not listed on the booking sheet, but Davidson said his last known address was listed in Grand Junction. Nixon was fatally injured when shooters opened fire on him while he stood in the door of his trailer while several children were inside, according to arrest affidavits for Byrd and Billups. A witness told police Nixon himself drew a gun moments before being shot. Nixon’s girlfriend told officers that he had been arguing with Byrd and Billups shortly beforehand, telling them he did not want to join the Sin City Deciples. Clark is set to be arraigned in Mesa County Court today.



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