Ex-Bandidos member suing SPVM, city of Montreal for $6.5 million

Tony Duguay, a former member of the Bandidos motorcycle club convicted in 2006 for the murder of Hells Angels member Normand “Biff” Hamel and then acquitted in 2016 (link is external), is suing the city of Montreal, the SPVM and two detectives for $6.5 million, Le Journal de Montréal reports.

Duguay was acquitted in 2016 by the Quebec Court of Appeal when informant Sylvain Beaudry admitted to lying during his testimony. According to court documents, Duguay said he blames former police detective Benoit Roberge and detective Jean-Pierre Pelletier for making “intentional errors” to force Beaudry to “lie in court” to obtain a guilty verdict.

Duguay, 44, is suing for moral, monetary and punitive damages. He was arrested in 2002 during Operation Amigo, which marked the end of the Rock Machine gang. He was charged for conspiracy, drug trafficking and gangsterism. Duguay spent seven years and nine months in the Donnacona maximum security facility before being acquitted.

Meanwhile, Roberge was granted day parole (link is external) in August 2016 after serving two years of an eight-year sentence. Roberge, who is also known as the “SPVM mole,” admitted to the Parole Board of Canada that he often crossed the line during his career.
“I have committed crimes to stop motorcyclists,” he confessed. “I’ve made certain maneuvers, and I asked informants to commit crimes. I regret it.”

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