Facebook video purported to lead to gang murder shown to jurors

MUSKEGON, MI - Jurors on Friday viewed the video that allegedly got a teenager murdered because it showed him and others on a rival gang's turf. The shaky video that included a moment's "selfie" of DeQuaries "DeeDee" Love, 17, inside the Wood Street Market in the city of Muskegon was Love's undoing, said Matt Roberts, chief trial attorney for the Muskegon County Prosecutor.

It was that video posted on Facebook that drove Maurtice Poole-Knight to gun Love down on a Muskegon Heights street six days later, on Aug. 20, 2014, Roberts said. The shot that killed Love was fired from a vehicle at the corner of Peck and Hume streets, a vehicle whose occupants included two men from Detroit and a fourth unidentified man.

The Detroit men, one of whom was the driver, are really responsible for Love's death, the defense claims.

Murder retrial is underway in alleged gang-related slaying of teen

Maurtice Poole-Knight is on trial for the death of DeQuaries Love.
During Friday testimony for the prosecution, Michigan State Police Trooper Det. Jason Hartman explained the rivalry between Love's gang, GMB SB of Muskegon Heights, and the Muskegon gang GMB PN that he said Poole-Knight belonged to.

When Love and other GMB SB members took the video inside the Wood Street Market and taunted the rival gang, it was a sign of extreme disrespect to GMB PN, Hartman said.
"They entered the store and say 'We're in here, we're in the Wood Street store and they make reference to Baker Street," Hartman said, adding that one of them can be seen making the gang sing for the GMB SB. Baker Street is a street in Muskegon Heights.

GMB SB stands for Glendale Money Boys South Bound, Hartman said. Glendale is a street in Muskegon Heights and "south bound" refers to the fact the city is south of Muskegon, he said.

GMB PN is the Muskegon gang, and stands for Get Money Boys Paid -----, Hartman said. Roberts also played four rap videos made by Poole-Knight and other members of GMB PN. The videos were posted before Love's killing, and reference the desire to shoot opponents and keeping a "strap," slang for gun, for their rivals.

Hartman said one rap's chorus is "about keeping a strap for bitch ------ and talking about rats and people being rats and true ------ will never fold ... never talk, keeping the code of the streets and keeping silent."

Two guns, one alleged shooter prompts juror query in homicide trial

The drive-by shooting occurred in Muskegon Heights.
Hartman also testified about his role on a task force that investigates violent crime in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. He executed search warrants for Knight-Poole's Facebook account, Instagram account and cell phone.

On Thursday, defense attorney John R. Beason questioned Muskegon Heights Police Det. Steven Winston about phone records, but Winston said he did not know about them. That's because it wasn't his role in the investigation, he said.

Hartman explained that cell phone technology was not reliable in determining a person's exact location at a particular time. Hartman also testified about investigating an earlier shooting that the Detroit men had said Poole-Knight committed earlier on the same night Love died. The men said that someone in the group Poole-Knight shot at from the vehicle had shot back, grazing one of the men in the vehicle.

Hartman said he believes that shooting occurred at the corner of Eighth Street and Columbia Avenue in Muskegon Heights. No one called 911 to report it, and Hartman said he learned about it from another source. He recovered a bullet fragment from an apartment at that location, but no shell casings, he said.

The fragment was from a larger gun such as a .40 caliber, Hartman said. Shell casings recovered at the scene of Love's fatal shooting were .40 caliber, earlier testimony indicated.

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