Satans Choice MC back in Canada?

Rumors are saying, that an old known Canadian MC Club have been re-boosted. The Satans Choice MC is back on the roads in Canada, and have been seen in Ottawa. Rumors are saying, that the NEW Satans Choice MC contains members, WHO have a history with the Hells Angels MC and Rock Machine MC.

Satan's Choice MC was a Canadian outlaw motorcycle club that was once the dominant outlaw club in Ontario, and at the peak of its power in 1977, had 12 chapters based in Ontario, with one in Montreal, Quebec. However, its power began to diminish during the 1970s, with some of the clubs chapters "patching over" to the Outlaws MC in 1977. The remaining chapters would eventually become members of the Hell's Angels along with most of the other major outlaw clubs in Ontario.

Early history

The founding chapter of the first iteration of Satan's Choice was established during the late 1950s in Toronto, usually hanging around "Aida's", a downtown restaurant. This version of Satan's Choice was small in size, only numbering about 45 members, and had a very casual, non-criminal focus at the time. This club would disband in 1963, but went on to serve as the namesake for a group of four other motorcycle clubs which came together as the new Satan's Choice in 1965, namely the Phantom Riders, the Canadian Lancers, the Throttle Twisters, and the Wild Ones. Former Phantom Riders president Bernie Guindon would become the president of this newer, larger version of Satan's Choice, and would later become their national president as the group expanded. The group regulated itself somewhat differently from most motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, using a series of bylaws instead of a single written constitution or charter.

Criminalization and expansion

This new Satan's Choice started out much the same as the original, a group of young men simply wishing to escape from society and its rigid norms and expectations. Satan's Choice members were not serious criminals, if they committed any crimes at all. However, towards the end of the 1960s and into the 1970s, the group slowly developed into an outlaw motorcycle club as a result of the large potential profits from criminal activities. While they were involved in a number of criminal activities that were typical for biker gangs, such as robbery, theft, assault, and running prostitution rings, they were notably deeply involved in drug production and trafficking. The club operated a number of drug labs out of remote cabins in Northern Ontario, with production focusing especially on PCP and methamphetamines, better known in the area as "Canadian Blue". This success emboldened elements of Satan's Choice, in particular their Toronto chapter, into sparking a gang war with two rival Toronto biker gangs, the Black Diamond Riders MC and the Vagabonds MC. However, the rest of the group's chapters met and ended the war, making peace with the two rival groups and disciplining the leaders of the Toronto chapter. During this time period the Satan's choice had grown rapidly, reaching their peak strength in 1977, with about 200 members across 13 chapters in Ontario and Quebec.

Alliance with the Outlaws MC

In 1975, Satan's Choice began an alliance with the Outlaws MC, one of the largest international outlaw motorcycle clubs. The benefits of such a relationship worked to the advantage of both groups. Satan's Choice gained access to a larger support network of clubs throughout the United States and beyond, opening the club to new business opportunities and possibly even reinforcements in the event of another club war. Meanwhile, the Outlaws gained a strong presence in Ontario, precluding any expansion by the Hells Angels into the region. Furthermore, the Outlaws gained a way to challenge the supremacy of the Hells Angels in Quebec through access to the Montreal chapter of Satan's Choice. This led the Montreal chapter and their Outlaw allies into open conflict with the Hells Angels-backed Popeyes MC, resulting in a number of casualties on both sides. Not long after this, in 1976, the club's leader Bernie Guindon would be incarcerated on drug charges, further diminishing the gang's power. This would soon lead to the fracturing of newly weakened Satan's Choice, when in July 1977, the Ottawa, St. Catherines, Windsor, and Montreal chapters fully abandoned Satan's Choice in favour of the much larger Outlaws.

Increasing pressure on Satan's Choice

In the decades following the alignment of Satan's Choice with the Outlaws, particularly the late 1980s and 1990s, the club would eventually find itself falling into a steady decline in both numbers and influence. One of the reasons for this was a renewed effort by law enforcement, particularly in Ontario, to prosecute the club for their criminal activities. An early example of this was a series of police raids in 1984 that seized two small-caliber handguns, marijuana & marijuana oil, and a small amount of cocaine from 4 private residences in Scarborough. Rival gangs would also begin to target the club, as evidenced by the bombing of the Satan's Choice clubhouse on Kintyre Avenue in Toronto in 1995. Making matters worse, the club was in just the next year targeted by a major police operation dubbed Project Dismantle, which involved almost 300 officers from the Ontario Provincial Police, as well as the municipal police forces of Halton, Durham, Hamilton-Wentworth, Waterloo, Sudbury, and Metropolitan Toronto. The result of the raids included the seizure of marijuana plants and hydroponic equipment valued at 11 million dollars, as well as more than $125 000 cash and over $265 000 worth of other drugs including Cocaine. The police forces also seized a variety of firearms, including 12 handguns, 5 non-restricted rifles, and 7 restricted weapons such as automatic pistols, sawed-off shotguns, and even machine guns such as a World War 2-era Bren gun and tripod. In Sudbury the operation specifically targeted the local chapter of Satan's Choice and members of the Hamilton chapter, which all but wiped these chapters out. This specific part of the operation involved a police surveillance operation that caught the members of the club discussing the bombing of a strip club who had disrespected several members of the club.[ Many of the members of these chapters found themselves in prison or otherwise leaving the club, with the Sudbury chapter being reduced to just 3 full members from the peak of 8 members and 2 "hangarounds". Unfortunately for those involved with Project Dismantle, no convictions were ever given as a result of the charges and arrests stemming from this operation. This was partly as a result of most of the wiretap evidence being excluded after Justice John McDonald of the Ontario Superior Court found that a senior OPP detective lied to five different Superior Court justices to get the wiretaps approved in addition to destroying other evidence.

Alliance and merger with the Hells Angels
The arrangement with the Outlaws also resulted in Satan's Choice becoming a target of the Hell's Angels, who happened to be the Outlaws' main rivals. The Hells Angels had for decades been prevented from expanding into Ontario by the Outlaws and their Satan's Choice allies. However, after the chapters in Ottawa, St. Catherines, Windsor, and Montreal abandoned Satan's Choice for the Outlaws, the two groups drifted apart. The Outlaws would later find their Ontario operations crippled by "Project Retire", an undertaking by Ontario police targeting the club. As a result of this, Satan's Choice, under their new club president Andre Wattel, decided to join the Hells Angels and abandon their own clubs identity and autonomy because it would mutually benefit their criminal enterprises.

Satan's Choice, along with most of the other major Ontario biker gangs, including the Loners, Lobos, and Para-Dice Riders, "patched over" to the Hells Angels on December 29, 2000. This overnight placed the Hells Angels in a position of dominance in Ontario, and in effect put an end to any independent existence of the Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club. However, many former member of Satan's Choice would remain active criminals after the club was dismantled, such as the former president of the Hamilton chapter Ion Croitoru, who would be charged but not convicted of the murder of Lynn & Fred Gilbank in January 2005.

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Source: TBM Canada/Wikipedia


  1. Anonymous8/10/2017

    100% Bullshit club. They have no afiliation to the original club or anyone that has. The President was just in The cornwall ontario news for being a "police agent" Wayne Owen Jesmer and the vp is a opp officer Jason Redmond.There has been guys riding bicycles through Brockville, Ontario. He is the papers for many busts arpund ontario..Now they are making up this club with nobodys permission.

    1. Anonymous8/17/2017

      You have the wrong club your talking about private Army !! Get you fact straight !!

    2. Anonymous8/22/2017

      No same guy he is now in SCMC from private army. A president from a non 1% is now the president of a 1% ffs what's next. Why are people stupid cops and rats and Confidential informants starting a MC stealing a MC name to get what either a retaliation of violence from the smaller puppets and support clubs and have them charged and dismantled or to try and weasel into the 1% world and start and criminal investigation......who is that stupid ??? Why put everyone you know at risk why take the chance lol grab your popcorn going to be a show

  2. So we heard. Today received several informations about it.

  3. Anonymous8/17/2017

    Let's make it clear there is no one in our club that was a cop or is a cop and we don't like the fact tiny from 81 because he don't like us spreading this bullshit !
    We have proof he was talking to cops ..81 letting guys like tiny in are asking for problem with cops he's no good !! Curtis Joseph real name ;)

    1. Anonymous8/20/2017

      TOLD YA.....COP

    2. Anonymous8/22/2017

      You have paper work on a 81 member ? I call B.S. also your president Wayne scmc on fb is Wayne Jesmer president of private army brotherhood mc he is in the papers giving a open statement on the stand in trial and full out rats.l also got busted for drugs prior and now a C.I Google his name. Btw saying a 81 member is a rat you better hope you have proof. Not too many rats make it into a real 1% and survive lol How is the SCMC president who has never been 1%er let alone try a bring back a club like SCMC with out real permission. I would love to know who the real members the real rock and 81 guys who apparently started the club? No one I talked to is OK with this not even old choice AOA guys

  4. Anonymous8/22/2017

    On Thursday, jurors heard preliminary inquiry evidence from Owen Jesmer, a friend of Peter Benedict for some two or three years prior to the murders.

    The two had been involved in some marijuana and contraband cigarette trafficking together, Jesmer said. It was Jesmer's job to find drivers to move the product, as well as places to store it.

    Jesmer is not able to testify at the ongoing trial, so the Crown read a transcript of the earlier proceedings into the record.

    According to Jesmer, he saw Peter stacking cash into $10,000 piles while at a local residence on July 15. He recalled that Peter used a money counting machine.

    Jesmer said that the men Peter was dealing with didn't care if the cash for the deal was in U.S. or Canadian funds.

    "He could have saved a little bit of money if he could have changed it into Canadian," Jesmer testified.

    The Crown asked if Jesmer knew what kind of deal had been set.

    "He was talking to his mother and said he was going to have some weed tonight," Jesmer said, though he wasn't sure of the woman's identity.

    "I didn't know who it was -his aunt or whatever," he added, noting some of what he had learned that night had simply been things he'd overheard.

    Jesmer said he couldn't help Peter change over the money. Nobody at the house could, he told the court.

    When Jesmer tried to find out who was involved in the drug deal, he said Peter told him it was with two guys from Valleyfield, Que.

    Peter left the house that night before Jesmer did. He would be be found dead the next morning.

    Jesmer also testified that he met with alleged drug supplier Roger Belair on July, 20 at 10 a.m. They were supposed to do a deal for 60 boxes of contraband cigarettes, but Belair backed out, Jesmer said.

    Instead, Belair brought up the murders, Jesmer told the court.

    "He talked about how (the police) were trying to pin it on him and that," Jesmer said under questioning from the Crown.

    Jesmer told Belair he had been with Peter shortly before the murders.

    "He just went quiet and kind of shocked," Jesmer recalled.

    The trial resumes Monday.

    This is the president of a 1% mc ?

  5. Anonymous9/12/2017

    Tyounare all a big fucking joke !! Love for you guys to say this shit to the guys face lol I know for a fact you would not be standing to long ...

  6. Anonymous9/12/2017

    Outlaws ....hells angels ....vagos.......and most all clubs have rats in them !!! Funny how this guys not hiding ? And on top of that I seen nothing showing he said anything ? Sure he got called to court but the guy could not remember anything ? What happen to the wire taps ? Or the wire he had o. ? Hole thing funny oh and he's a cop but had a recorded befor ? Hmm somthing not adding up ...I see from what I can find a private investigator ? So who know what's true and what's not true anymore !! If he's not in your club who cares !!

  7. RESPECTS to the NEW S.C.M.C. - I'll read paperwork if there is some but I'm in Ottawa with some former SCMC - Now A.O.A. & anxious to see this NEW SCMC!! Got my wheels just aching to hit pavement & if no affiliation to 81. L&R

  8. Anonymous4/26/2018

    great news all the best the time is right cant wait to get a chance to ride with the new scmc and will ride up to Ottawa from nova scotia this summer

    1. Anonymous9/03/2019

      My name is Mike Clairoux I like to tell people I got "sucker punched" by a pro boxer when I really got knocked the fuck out, I was kicked out of the Hells Angels for handing a bugged phone to one of the members and magically all my charges were gone.

  9. Anonymous3/30/2022

    Wayne Jesmer definitely a RAT. Has some bullshit youtube channel called "watch with wayne" where he does what he does best, pretend to be something that he's not. The anonymous reply above with the courtroom testimony says it all. 100% bullshit rat bastard.


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