Australian Government don´t care about human right´s for Bikers

What should have been a pleasant trip to Australia for No Surrender MC member Jean Pierre Kafoe ended up being a bad experience with the Australian authorities and a really unpleasant staying in The Land DOWN UNDER.

Jean Pierre Kafoe had planned a trip to Australia visiting good old friends, and was looking forward seing them all, but that never happend.

When he arrived and was on his way through customs he was stopped, and was showned what the Australian authorities thinks about bikers.

3 hours of questioning by the Australian authorities, 4 body search, drug tested, baggage swaped several times, 3 hours locked up in an airport office, transported to Jail and ocked up for 42 hours - no phone, or other personal items or allowed to call a laywer, but only stripped from all human rights, and then deported by Border Security to Malaysia.


He was a threat to the Australian National Security, because of pictures the authorities had seen on his Facebook. Pictures of him and his bike, and because he was a member of No Surrender MC ( Motor Club ) an Outlaw Motor Gang (OMG) !!!

While Jean Pierre Kafoe was in detention in Perth he met a couple of bikers. He met Andrew WHO is a member of The Mongols MC in Adelaide and Lee from The Rebels MC in Perth. Both of them have been locked up for more than 18 months without any charge made.

Andrew have been in court several times and they still haven´t told him why he is locked up. The judges are having no idea why he is locked up, and just ready to deport him back to England.

Andrew have been living in Australia for more than twenty years and have his own business in Australia. He have paid his taxes in all his years in Australia. Maybe he is a Mongol MC member, but he is a human being, WHO should have the very same rights as everyone else.

Now Andrew´s case have been taken to the NEXT LEVEL -  Higher Court and the Federal Judges have asked the responsible minister to forward an explanation WHY Andrew is locked up.

Read also this link: Correctional Services figures show more than half of SA’s bikies behind bars as crackdown bites

The Minister refuse to share that information with the Higher Court because it's a classified secret, and therefor will no answers be given about Andrew´s lock up. All this happend a few months ago and until now, there is still no answer from the Minister or Higher Court DOWN UNDER.

Same Higher Court have another case like Andrew´s.
Another MC Member Jean Pierre Kafoe met under his short staying in Australia was Lee from the Rebels MC in Perth. He have the same experienc as Andrew from Mongols MC. He have also been locked up for many months without charges or even an explaination.

He is also just sitting and waiting for some answers, and waiting to be released, but have no idea about when that will actual happen - because the Australian authorieties don´t give a F*** about Bikers and their rights as Lee told Jean Pierre Kafoe.

What about Biker´s HUMAN RIGHTS in Australia?
The story about Andrew from The Mongols MC and Lee from The Rebels MC are just two stories
out of so many. Members from MC Club´s such as The Bandidos, Finks, Rebels, Outlaws, Mongols and many more known as well as unknown Mc Club´s are locked up in Australia without any reasons - NON SO EVER. 

Something have to be done in a land Down Under called Australia. You can NOT treat people like this - BIKER OR NOT BIKER.

Biker´s are human beings with children, families and jobs, and they have the same needs and rights like all other HUMAN BEINGS, that´s for sure -THEY ARE NOT BLOODY TERRORIST´S.

So listen up AUSTRALIA? ??????? STOP acting like Biker´s are TERRORIST´s, and go along so we all can get along, and be fair to your people - even if they are a BIKER.

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