Night Wolves get involved in shootout, one man killed

The conflict between bikers in Rostov-on-Don was for the money.⁠

In Rostov-on-Don, shots were fired on Inzhenernaya Street, resulting in the death of one person. This is reported by RIA Novosti citing the MIA Main Directorate in the region.

The conflict broke out between members of the Night Wolves and Pirates of Winds МС Russia. Both sides came to the meeting accompanied by a support group; after a short conversation, the shooting started, claiming the life of a man born in 1978, who was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, where he later died. It is known that financial issues became a matter of dispute among the bikers.

According to some sources, the victim was a representative of the Night Wolves. A 27-year-old Rostov-on-Don local has already been detained on suspicion of murder. A criminal case under Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code has been initiated. A preventive measure in the form of custody is currently being elected for the suspect.

To recall, the Night Wolves have been repeatedly involved in various conflicts. For example, in October 2012, during a clash with representatives of another motorcycle club Three Roads, a member of the Wolves was also shot dead. Back then, from 30 to 70 representatives of the latter arrived at the headquarters of Three Roads MC, located in one of the garage cooperatives of Zelenograd.

According to the ‘wolves’, they came there to invite their colleagues to celebrate the closure of the motor season, but were attacked for no reason. In turn, members of Three Roads say that the ‘wolves’ wanted to avenge on them for joining the well-known foreign bike club Bandidos MC, the enemy of the Night Wolves. The latter’s leader Aleksandr Zaldostanov, also known as The Surgeon, has even appealed to the Federation Council with a request to add (along with Hells Angels) these "foreign organizations headquartered in the US" to the list of undesirable organizations that do not comply with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Night Wolves had another unpleasant incident in 2015, when several of their members drove into the Ostrov Fantaziy (Fantasy Island) elite village, located near their residence on Nizhnie Mnevniki Street. That is where they had a conflict with armed guards of former senator and businessman Umar Dzhabrailov. As a result, the motorcyclists had to abandon the field, leaving their vehicles behind.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found an armored car Tigr with its windows broken, registered in the name of a private person, a Suzuki SX-4 with dinged up body, as well as Mercedes and Land Rover Freelander also with dented body and broken windows. In addition, there was a hunting rifle Saiga (registered in the name of a Dagestani) lying on the ground next to the cars, as well as 35 cartridges and a metal sledgehammer.

To settle the conflict, Zaldostanov personally met Dzhabrailov and admitted that the incident was but a misunderstanding.
Night Wolves get involved in shootout, one man killed
Aleksandr Zaldostanov (aka The Surgeon)
Recently, it has become known that the biker organization famous for its motocross and annual colorful show in Sevastopol, had lost this year's presidential grant for the development of its activities.

In total, the pro-Kremlin movement has received more than $1 million as state support since 2012.

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