Nomads guilty of bashing buck’s party members at Honeysuckle Hotel

Police raid the Nomads clubhouse on Chinchen Street in Islington in 2016.
FOUR high-ranking members of the Newcastle chapter of the Nomads bikie gang have pleaded guilty to bashing two members of a buck’s party during a night out at the Honeysuckle Hotel in March.

Dylan Britliffe, 32, Blake Kevin Martin, 26, James Kenneth Quinnell, 28, and Kane Benjamin Tamplin, 26, were all represented by solicitor Iain Bruce when they appeared in Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday for a hearing into the assault at the popular Honeysuckle venue.

But after a few hours of negotiations between the parties, the four men each pleaded guilty to affray after more serious charges, including assault occasioning actual bodily harm and reckless wounding, were withdrawn. The Nomads bikies were at the hotel for a fancy dress party on the night of March 25 this year when they gathered in the outdoor smoking area alongside seven members of a buck’s party, according to an agreed statement of facts.

A drunken member of the buck’s party stood on a bench, tried to get off, lost his balance and bumped into Britliffe, knocking a drink over and triggering a “heated debate” between the two groups. One member of the buck’s party offered to buy a new round of drinks, but the dispute raged on for another minute or so before a member of the buck’s group stood “chest to chest” with Tamplin.

Suddenly, Tamplin headbutted the man, causing a two centimetre cut to his forehead. Britliffe joined in, throwing punches and the buck’s party attendee was knocked to the ground. At the same time, Quinnell began punching another buck’s party goer in the head, according to the agreed statement of facts.

Instantly, Martin joined in with Quinnell, throwing two uppercuts to the victim’s head as he was falling to the ground. He was then stomped on by Quinnell, the shards of a broken glass that had fallen off a table causing several cuts to his neck, including a five centimetre gash.

The two victims were left lying on the ground as the four men and their group left the hotel.
The entire incident was captured on CCTV, with the footage likely to have formed much of the evidence in the hearing.  The first man suffered a cut to his head and bruising and swelling to his left eye, while the other man sustained the gash to his neck and bruising and swelling to the left side of his face.

The four Nomads bikies remain on conditional bail.
They face the maximum of 10 years in jail when they are sentenced in Newcastle Local Court in October. Martin will also be sentenced over the assault of a Finks outlaw motorcycle gang member at Kotara.

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