Darwin Rebels outlaw bikie club president Andy Summerfield and Shannon Althouse plead guilty to ordering armed reprisal attack

THE baby-faced president and tattoo-covered sergeant-at-arms of the Darwin chapter of the Rebels bikie gang pleaded guilty on Tuesday to ordering club minions to take part in a brutal reprisal attack.

President Andy Summerfield and sergeant-at-arms Shannon Althouse pleaded guilty to ordering an attack on Tyrone Kerslake on October 5 last year, only for their underlings to mistakenly carry out the attack on Kerslake’s flatmate.

Crown Prosecutor David Morters told the Supreme Court the duo were spotted on security cameras at Bunnings and Mitchell’s Outdoors buying hatchets, machetes and balaclavas on the day of the attack.

A police raid on the pair’s house at Essington Ave, Gray, found burnt remnants of balaclavas, a bloody axe with Summerfield’s DNA on it and Rebels paraphernalia. The duo had been nearing the end of pre-trial proceedings, during which the court heard Althouse remained the sergeant-at-arms of the local chapter, signing letters from jail with his club title, while Summerfield had been on remand in Alice Springs.

Mr Morters said the victim, Bradley Jewell, lived in fear of reprisal attacks, suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and still had physical scars from the attack, which saw an axe go bone-deep into his neck, chipping a vertebrae.

The victim also nearly lost fingers in the attack as he tried to fend off the Rebels henchmen.
An ambulance crew found him covered in blood on the grass in front of the McCourt Rd, Yarrawonga industrial complex where he was attacked. The duo, who exchanged a knowing glance and a wink before pleading guilty, will return to court on December 1 for sentencing proceedings.

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