Former Rock Machine USA Member speaks out on Suat. “Don’t send money to him, you will loose it”

Suat Erköse - WP, RMMC
Welcome to the second in a series Insane Throttle is running on the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club.

After running our story about the Rock Machine and how it has become a Mail Order club, Insane Throttle received numerous emails about the World President Suat who is out of Germany. In those emails we were told (And shown receipts) of individuals sending $300 over to Germany to this individual Suat.

In exchange for the $300, the individuals would receive a patch and inclusion into the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club. Turns out these individuals never received the patches from him. They were out the $300, a scam it seems to get money out of them.

Now we all know that sending money to someone to be apart of a club sounds like non sense. But in this day and age it’s becoming the normal thing to do. Insane Throttle also received another email from a former member of the Rock Machine here in the United States. He agreed to an interview as long as his location wasn’t identified, he has now since joined another motorcycle club since leaving the Rock Machine.
SUAT of Germany Alleged World President of Rock Machine MC. We have included a link to his World Rock Machine Facebook page to show readers what is happening
Suat Erkose personal facebook

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle is digging deeper into the Rock Machine M/C, you were a former member (Location masked for privacy but verified that he was indeed a Rock Machine Member) of a chapter of the Rock Machine here in the United States. What was your motivation for seeking membership in the Rock Machine?
Nitro: It’s a bit of a complicated story I’ll try to shorten up. I was interested in RM when it first started here. It closed down before I could actually get around anyone. I met a few former members who were interested in starting it back up. They did. They invited me to come around because they knew me and knew I wasn’t satisfied with the clubs in the area.

Insane Throttle: How long were you a member of the Rock Machine? And how did you become a member ?
Nitro: Almost 3 years. I came in as a probationary member under the national president who had just received the OK to reopen by Australia and Critical J. NOT Suat. Suat even went so far as declaring us to be fraudulent on his Facebook page.

Insane Throttle : Insane Throttle has learned that Suat, who claims to be the World President out of Germany, has been selling patches and Rock Machine gear here in the United States, we’ve received numerous emails from individuals who claimed that they were told to mail in $300 to Suat and they would receive full membership into the Rock Machine. Have you as a former member of the Rock Machine, heard of these types of things going on with Suat?
Nitro: Yes. He attempted to open a Las Vegas chapter with Two guys in Nevada. We promptly handled that situation. Suat finally agreed to knock it off as long as we didn’t publicly talk shit about him. He was hoping we would embrace his bullshit world (Facebook) chapter because we were the largest and most held together Country.

Insane Throttle: In research that Insane Throttle Biker News has been doing concerning the Rock Machine, on many social media platforms we’ve noticed a lot of club business being put out over the net. We have seen what appears to be a lot of inside club fighting concerning Suat from Germany. Why is the Rock Machine publishing their business in public? Is this something that led to your decision to leave Rock Machine?
Rock Machine leader Joseph Strachan
Critical J. Alleged real International President of the Rock Machine when they restarted in 2010

Nitro: There are so many factions of RM it would make your head spin. Three or four different factions in Canada that patch in members instantly and say the other factions are fake is exactly what you will get by doing things instantly like that. The Situation is the same in Europe and Australia. A lot of us left the club due to internal reasons that would simply not be fixed.

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle was told and confirmed through Facebook posts that many of the Rock Machine chapters have posted, it appears that the club has splintered. Some of the chapters are wearing Red under the eye of their eagle center patch, some are wearing Blue eyes under their center patch. What is the reasoning behind this, and what do you think led some chapters to switch from what the original Rock Machine decided on back in 2010?
Nitro: That’s part of the problem; confirming things through Facebook. The only Blue RM reside in Germany.

Insane Throttle: Many on the internet have said that the United States Rock Machine receive their patches just by paying a fee. Was this your experience as a former member of the Rock Machine United States? If not what is the real process of becoming apart of the Rock Machine in the United States?
Nitro: It wasn’t. We WERE doing background checks on potential members. At first, we were bringing in guys that wanted to leave their 1% nation to join us. We had ex Vagos, Mongols, Hells Angels, Chingalings, To name a few. We would let in members of 1% Support as Probationary. We had guys from the Avengers, Kingsmen, Sadistic Souls, Wrecking Crew, all over from Florida up to Connecticut. We didn’t want fresh guys to start or weekenders. We needed guys who would fight because we realized we would have to. Everyone can say they will make a stand but to actually do so is something else. We soon after began prospecting people who wanted to come around in the states where chapters were started. It did cost $400, as with any club you join it costs money, and this was to pay for a background check and your patch set.

Insane Throttle: As you know, Rock Machine use to have a fantastic name in the Biker World, especially in Canada where it is originally from. What do you think the Rock Machine can do to get their name back after all that is being said about them now?
Nitro: Shut down. The founder is a Hells Angel now. The only real deal RM aren’t even at the club anymore. The internet has ruined the club in every other club’s eyes. That or make some very violent headlines.

Insane Throttle: We noticed with a lot of clubs if things start going bad, membership has lots of fighting within the ranks, some decide to carry on the name of the club by splitting off, they still retain the name, but make changes to the patch and restructure. Is this something the Rock Machine in the United States should do?
Nitro: No, because it hasn’t worked for them yet. It hasn’t worked for anyone.

Insane Throttle: With what Insane Throttle has learned about Suat, by conducting research and receiving information from former members, How do you think SUAT keeps getting away with what he is doing to the Rock Machine Name? One would think that the membership would see that there is a problem and vote him out. Especially since it’s now known has been selling patches through the mail to those in other countries. What are your thoughts? Why is he getting away with it in your eyes?
Nitro: Because Suat recruits the absolute bottom of the barrel. They know he’s a former police officer. They know he snitched on Bandidos. They know he snitched on Rock Machine that went Blue Eye, they simply do not care. They only want that patch. They do not care who is “World President” it could be Rue Paul for all they care as long as they have their diamond. You can’t change the minds or win the hearts of people like that because they know they are wrong but this is all they have left. The ones who haven’t tarnished themselves beyond salvation usually trade their patch to another club. Some of us had to humble ourselves and restart from the bottom with an actual legitimate club. Very few are willing to give anyone from RM a chance now.

Insane Throttle: Finally, you’re now a member of another motorcycle club. What would you tell others about your experience as a Rock Machine Member here in the United States? What would be your advice to the current membership of Rock Machine here in the United States?
Nitro: Everyone who wants to put on any patch should be a man first. If you want to join RM then do so. See first hand. If you are new to club life it’s an easy patch for you. You will learn nothing from anyone of worth and just hear regurgitated stories that don’t even belong to the storyteller, you will learn third-hand knowledge about how to prospect, you will see more cars than bikes, and you will be annoyed by how many churches are held over group chat or text messages. If you aren’t fresh, well you will recognize the fuckery and either embrace it and try to work on it like a few did or get immediately frustrated and move on like more did. The old saying “It is what it is” comes to mind. Rock Machine is only still around today because every other club out there has gone to anonymous Facebook pages to post false paperwork or embarrassing photos of a club instead of actually shutting them down. Stew on that one. If you manage to get out and find a club willing to accept you, make sure it’s a real club, not another of what you just came from. Do the right thing and do shit correct and it will be more rewarding for you in the long run.

Insane throttle wants to thank Nitro for reaching out to us and giving us a better understanding of the situation with the Rock Machine. Some might ask why Insane Throttle would do a piece like this.

After receiving emails like we have, we thought it very important to warn people here in the United States about this scam. It is evident that this man Suat in Germany, claiming to be the World President of the Rock Machine M/C is just taking peoples money. What is most important to know for those who are looking to be apart of a club, go out to a club that is around your area, don’t fall for the mail order game. If you do not feel you have the time to put into prospecting for a club, then join up with a 1 piece patch club that don’t ask for the level of commitment that a 3 piece patch club does, no shame in a 1 piece patch club at all. Insane Throttle has reached out to the National President of the Rock Machine here in the United States, at time of this article publication he has not reached out back to us. Rest assured we will be fair and publish his side of the story if he ever gets back to us.
Rock Machine Club House in United States. Facebook Page

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