Rock Machine responds to Insane Throttle about the rumors and our last story about them. *Must See*

Insane Throttle did a piece on the Rock Machine a couple weeks ago concerning allegations of Patch Selling, Internet Startup chapters and the overall rumors that Rock Machine M/C has started down the path of an internet club from its origins of a battle hard club of the 90’s. We received information from not only looking at some of the evidence that was on the internet, but we also interviewed a former member as well as multiple emails from people that claim they were tricked into sending in money for patches they didn’t receive.

Today we release the response from the Rock Machine. A United States Nomad who is also a former President of the Rock Machine here in the United States has responded to questions that Insane Throttle has asked the Rock Machine. This Rock Machine Nomad is an official spokesman for the Rock Machine and wanted to tell their side of the story, as everyone knows, we here at Insane Throttle always give an opportunity for all sides to be told.

Insane Throttle recently did a piece on Rock Machine and Suat. Suat claims to be the World President for the Rock Machine. Insane Throttle has talked to many who were ex-rock machine, and those who were not apart of Rock Machine. It is general knowledge that Suat has been selling patches over the internet or worse taking money from those in the states and never sending the patches. How do you as a Nomad for the Rock Machine USA respond to these allegations?

Rock Machine: Suat was a thorn in our side for months here in the USA, when we first attempted to start a charter here we were pulled in many directions. The different factions all pointed us in a different direction. We did speak with Suat, we spoke to members of Canada and we eventually spoke with the members out of Australia. The non-Suat faction out of Canada agreed to allow us to open through Australian. We started with 5 guys as a probationary charter spread throughout the East coast. This obviously created animosity with Suat.

We had a few situations where we turned guys away and they contacted Suat in an attempt to open chapters through him. Two of the three original members were very active with social media and immediately fed into the Suat bashing. Since those members removal from the club we have reached out to Suat and did broker a deal that we would not feed into this internet bullshit, nor would we publicly bash him as long as he agreed not to recruit in the United States. Whatever anyone says bad about the man he has kept his word with us and we do keep an open line of communication with him to this day.

Any issues he has or we have are easily handled with a phone call. We are aware of the horror stories with people from the United States sending money to Suat for patches and never receiving them. I personally have never seen actual proof of this and probably wouldn’t entertain anyone’s complaints.

If you are stupid enough to think you can join a 1% club through the mail you deserve to lose your money! We have 6 active charters in the United States and anyone is welcome to knock on our door and state their intentions. No one in this country will fly a Rock Machine patch without coming in the correct way.
“It was a combination of them and a wife of another member from New York. She recently fabricated paperwork on another one of our guys. It’s been ridiculous. The problem with the Iron Order Truth Crew site is we know for a fact that they are in bed with law enforcement. One of the pics they use against us was taken by the task force while everyone was standing in front of my house. There is no way anyone should have a copy of that picture”.

Insane Throttle: During our research for the piece we did on Rock Machine, one thing that we noticed is on Facebook, club business is out there for all to see. A. Why is that? B. Does Rock Machine USA see why such sites like “Iron Order Truth Crew” would talk about the Rock Machine as they do?

Rock Machine: I want to make it clear to anyone listening that the Iron Order Truth Crew Facebook page is heavily influenced by law enforcement. They have a number of anonymous administrators all with different agendas. They have been baiting a number of clubs in an attempt to cause people to say or do things that can help aid current investigations or create new investigations.

My advice to anyone is to run as far away from that page as possible. We are aware of who the main contributors are on that page and it comes back to disenfranchised former members. The biggest issue we have had with that sight has come from the wife of a former member, (now the current USA Satudarah president) who are actively working for the New York State police gang task force. (We have paperwork). Some of the photos that sight has used against us were taken by state and federal authorities. Strange that the photos would go from a government-owned camera to that sight?

Regardless of that sight, I agree 100% that too much club info is on social media. The United States members are no longer allowed to feed into any social media nonsense. The only club business we are allowed to put is party info and shout-outs to friends.

Insane Throttle- Rock Machine was a powerhouse in Canada in the 90’s, most who are within the M/C world knows of the Quebec War against the Hells Angels. How did the Rock Machine go from a stellar reputation to the reputation it now has of people thinking that Patches are just mailed to someone for a price?

Rock Machine: Rock Machine MC in the 80’s where legends. There was a small group of guys who took on the biggest dog on the block and fought them to the death. It would be impossible to even attempt to compare to that era. In all fairness, I don’t think any club could compare to the brotherhood, loyalty, and honor that members of all real clubs had in those days. Now it is standard practice to show up for church one night a week, maybe make an event here and there and as soon as you make your patch it comes with a diamond. The club scene as a whole has changed. I have seen well-respected clubs hand full colors to guys. It’s just a whole different atmosphere. I cannot stop patch selling internationally but I can assure you it will not happen with our club here in the United States.

Insane Throttle: While talking to a former member of Rock Machine for our piece, Insane Throttle asked him “Why if the club is so splintered, and the evidence of that split is everywhere on the internet, why wouldn’t the USA chapters break off and form their own club using the Rock Machine name and different patch to try and salvage the Rock Machine Name? After all, if the USA chapters were granted by Canada, then the USA chapters have every right to do so to salvage the reputation of a once great name.

Rock Machine: the former member you spoke with is an internet gossip queen and had no right to talk to anyone concerning the current state of affairs with this club. I came from the biggest club in the world and would never speak on behalf of them. The former member in question has since moved on to a new club and should put more effort into figuring out how to fix the issues his new club has! As far as salvaging the Rock Machine name we are trying.

We did consider changing the patch and a few other things but in the end, we decided to stay on course. In order to disassociate ourselves from the internet drama and inner fighting we have pretty much isolated ourselves, our attitude is we are Rock Machine USA, we answer to no one accept the USA, we cannot control what happens in other countries. The vast majority of our members here are restricted from gaining access to other countries. We cannot jump on a plane and run around the world cleaning up messes. The only way we can attempt to make changes is by leading by example.

Despite what is said through the internet we run a tight ship.
Everyone from the nomads to the hangarounds throughout the country knows each other on a first name basis, we know each other’s families, extensive background checks are done, everyone comes in as a hang around, prospect or probationary and no one person makes the decision as to who joins.

It starts with a hang around period and application that’s sent to the nationals, upon approval the membership fee is then sent to nationals and only after that can someone prospect or come in probationary. Probationary is only used when starting new charters or for members who have come from established doom and clubs.
Insane Throttle: This question goes back to the clubs business being on the internet, and why a lot of people do feel that Rock Machine is now a mail order club. In Germany, you have the Red Rock Machine and the Blue Rock Machine. How is it that your German brothers are allowing this SUAT to bring the name of the Rock Machine down to where it is now?

Rock Machine: The issues in Germany make no sense to me. I can’t speak as to the mindset of the members there. Changing the eye color of the patch does nothing to change the problem.

Badmouthing each other on the net is even worse. This is why we have the attitude of worry about the USA. I can assure you that there will never be two rock machines in our country regardless of the eye color. The internet fighting overseas sickens us here.

Insane Throttle: After our article, we had many former members contact Insane Throttle. One of the biggest questions we had for them, How is it that the Rock Machine is Canadian in origin and you now have people in Europe and Australia claiming to run the club. Where does the USA Rock Machine stand on this issue?´´

Rock Machine: As I stated before, we personally don’t care who claims to be in charge, it goes back to the different factions. We keep in contact with all the different factions, leaders etc. at the end of the day, we answer to ourselves. If another country doesn’t like something we do they are welcome to contact us and voice any concerns they may have.

We have some countries/factions we are friendly with and some we disregard. Either way, we do keep the communication open. I had a recent situation where a Canadian member didn’t agree with an issue here in the USA. He sent an aggressive message voicing his concern. Simple response was ‘fuck yourself’. We will not be dictated to by anyone. If you do not live here, then you don’t understand how things operate here. Demographics play a large roll in politics. This shows with all the major national clubs here in the USA that has branched off to other countries, the failure rate is extremely high.

You cannot expect other cultures to live up to your expectations. There are members of the big five in other countries who have openly gay members, don’t have bikes, cooperate with law enforcement, all things that would never fly here in the United States. In our case, it’s reverse, when we have members in other countries who don’t have bikes, clubhouses and regular church meetings telling us what to do it doesn’t sit well.

Insane Throttle: Do you as a current Nomad of the Rock Machine and former USA President see any future for the Rock Machine if it stays on the path it is now on under this SUAT?

Rock Machine: I really can’t speak for the club worldwide, I don’t see the club folding but if they don’t turn it around soon they will continue to do more damage. I can say the USA will be here for a long time. Under the current leadership, we have formed a number of good relationships with well-respected clubs, we have managed to gain the respect of the majority of the clubs who we share areas with and have gone from a club of 5 guys to six solid charters. Our goals were pretty simple starting this, stay small and tight. So far we have stayed on course. We have had clubs from the midwest and west coast contact us looking to come our way. We have gracefully declined. All great guys but we lose the closeness we all share now. We are all within 10 hours of each other. I would rather concentrate on expanding within that distance.
The Rock Machine in the 1990s were engulfed in a bloody turf war known as the “Quebec Biker War” against the Hells Angels where over 160 people died

Insane Throttle: How do you think the members of the Rock Machine USA can salvage the name of the Rock Machine?

Rock Machine: The only answer I can give is to stay on course, hopefully, if we continue to lead by example the other countries will follow suit. We do not advertise our business in the USA but I can say that we have met any challenge put before us. Despite what is put on the internet we have not backed down, we have held our areas and operate as a true 1% club. Eventually, the jilted ex-members, ex-members wives and law enforcement will get sick of attempting to drag our names through the mud and move on to other things. At that point, it hopefully is smooth sailing!

Insane Throttle: This website “ Iron Order Truth Crew” obtained the Rock Machine USA club website information and changed it to give a black eye to the Rock Machine. What are your thoughts on this issue? Why is it that an ex-member according to their site, sold the information to the site to this Facebook Page?

Rock Machine: I cannot stress this enough, the Iron Order Truth Crew page is influenced by law enforcement! I’ll be happy to speak with anyone offline about this, but anything I say concerning this sight just helps aid current investigations. As far as the website hack it was never sold to the iron order truth crew.

The former member who you recently interviewed was the same person who owned the rights to the club website. He personally changed the sight and is in direct contact with iron order truth crew. He was always an internet gossip queen, has dozens of fake profiles and uses them regularly.

Unfortunately a little over a year ago we had a leadership change and he didn’t agree with it.
Long story short he turned into our biggest headache. He’s easily behind at least 80% of the badmouthing that we deal with on the web. Look how fast he contacted you to do his interview. Like I said before, I would never do an interview with the club I was once a member of. He agreed to go away and stop acting like a child after we confronted him over the website issue which he promptly fixed.

Some people can’t help themselves. He’s now a member of a ‘well established’ shitshow club down in Florida. On a side note, it’s awful strange that all the clubs targeted by the Iron Order truth crew have one thing in common, they have all had issues with his new club. I am not going to put his name out there because I don’t want to start another round of internet bullshit.

Insane Throttle: What is the overall future of the Rock Machine?

Rock Machine: Despite the rumors, I think the future looks good for us here. We will continue to deal with any bumps in the road, as we have done. We have learned from past mistakes, made provisions to avoid future mistakes and can hopefully get out from under the ‘patch selling’ rumors that have surrounded us. Our plan is to continue to move on as we have. Hopefully the longer we are around and more established we become the more people will see the rumors aren’t true. Unfortunately, only time will tell at this point. As far as we are concerned we are committed to finishing what we started, there is no turning back at this point!

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