12 members of Rebels motorcycle gang charged for allegedly wearing club colours on licenced premises

A DOZEN members of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang have been arrested over alleged breaches of liquor licencing laws. Police say the gang members were seen in a licenced venue in the Murray Malle on October 18 wearing their club “colours”, which is not allowed under the Liquor Licencing Act.

The men were headed to Tasmania where up to 30 SA members of the gang met between October 18-23. The Serious and Organised Crime Branch carried out a series of co-ordinated raids across Adelaide on Wednesday, arresting 12 men and seizing 10 sets of colours and a Rebels T-Shirt, which police will allege were worn on the licenced premises.

All 12 men were charged with entering and remaining in a licenced premises while wearing a prohibited item.
All have been bailed to appear in the Murray Bridge Magistrates Court at a later date. Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald of the Crime Gangs Task Force said the raids were “about keeping gang members accountable for their actions, and reflects the resolve of police to maintain public safety on licenced premises.”

Detective Chief-Insp Fitzgerald said gang violence on licenced premises since wearing club colours on licenced premises was banned under the Liquor Licencing Act in 2015. A breach of the act carries a maximum penalty of $25,000 for a first offence, $50,000 or six months prison for a second offence and $100,000 or 18 months prison for a third offence.

Crime Gangs Detectives also helped Victorian police arrest a Rebel’s member and arrest another member, wanted in relation to a brawl outside a nightclub in Bendigo in August.
A Rebels motorcycle club insignia.
The charged men are:
A 43-year-old from Craigmore,
A 33-year-old from Redwood Park, also reported for affray
A 29-year-old from Evanston Gardens.
A 29-year-old from Salisbury North.
A 53-year-old from Pennington.
A 43-year-old from Parafield Gardens.
A 50-year-old from Davoren Park.
A 40-year-old from Seaton.
A 27-year-old from Redwood Park.
A 45-year-old from Walkerville.
A 63-year-old from Middle Beach.
A 28-year-old from Salisbury Heights.
A 26-year-old from Mawson Lakes.

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