Extortion and threats reign in motorcycle club No Surrender: former members

Three former members of outlaw motorcycle club No Surrender decided to break the club's code of silence and tell their story to the Telegraaf and the police. They paint a scary picture of the club enriching itself by expelling members in order to extort them, debts of members being recovered from their family and friends, and recruitment specifically for drug connections.

"Every crook can become a member of No Surrender, you do not even have to have a motorcycle license", one former member said to the newspaper. "I was interesting because I have contacts in the drug world. They hoped that through me they'd be able to more cheaply trade larger parties of narcotics." He added that the club tries to get a foothold in other countries by opening chapters, to secure its drug route.

For example, No Surrender became active in Belgium partly to get easier access to France, where cocaine trades at up to 120 euros per gram, compared to around 25 euros per gram in the Netherlands. "No Surrender wants to get coke from the Netherlands to France via Belgium", a former member said.

A number of former members have filed declarations against No Surrender, according to the newspaper. This is an important asset for the Public Prosecutor, who is currently

No Surrender
Source: Bontkraagje.nl

Henk Kuijpers, current leader of the motorcycle club, denies the stories in the Telegraaf, according to Elsevier. "All fiction. I do not recognize it at all. I have nothing to hide and I am not responsible for what other people are up to."

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