Kinfolk Motorcycle Club: The New Generation. Insane Throttle response to a hater

I always find it funny that when we put out an article about a particular club, right away the haters who might not agree with what we had to say, are out in mass trying to prove us wrong. We did an article on the Sultar Soldiers M/C the other day, in that article I argued those who are going around calling these clubs pop-ups and not following a set of rules, shouldn’t be ruled as such because a lot of the clubs I mentioned, contained members who were former members of the bigger 1%er clubs, got dissatisfied with where their former club was going, left, and got with some new brothers to form another club.

Well, the torches and mob came out of the woodwork as they usually do. They will start sending other articles and materials trying to dispute what I wrote about on a particular club. Well, the haters didn’t let us down. We opened an email crying and whining about the Kinfolk M/C, one we mentioned in that article. They gave some long drawn out hater response as they usually do and attach a link to another site to try to boost their case.

The link this time was to Decent site if you would like to know the history of a certain club. The site I was directed to was on the Kinfolk M/C, gave all this history about where they started and what year. The site even included the Aging Rebel as a source for statements that were allegedly made at a Kinsfolk M/C National. They were all giddy because they were pointing out “If you don’t like cops like you claim, this club takes ex-cops and you’re out there fighting for them”.

First off, don’t need to stand up for any club Ass-Monkey, they can do that for themselves, secondly if you ever read my articles you would see me saying “As long as they get rid of the badge, then its a non issue for me because they are not acting like something they are not”.

I do find it funny sometimes these haters going around boasting that kind of argument. Afterall does no one remember Steven “Gorilla ” Mondevergine? You know. Ex-cop turned Pagan Boss? A pretty respectable guy in his time? If he was good for the Pagans who are you all to say that they were wrong? Just like clubs who are the Big 4 who has ex-police, who the hell are you ass-monkeys to go out there bashing on a new club that does the same thing the other Big 4 do?
From One Percenter Biker via this haters email
The following statements were published by the Aging Rebel website and are said to have come from the Kinfolk MC National meeting held on 15 October 2016:
“We are not like Bandidos. We are our own club and will not be run like a Dictatorship.”
“We do not discriminate against former police officers.”
“While we prefer American V-Twins the type of motorcycle is not important.”
“If a member has his membership revoked, he will not be placed on no contact. There will be no out in bad standing. Either you are a member or not.”
“Our prospective members will be called rookies, not prospects. Ingrain this in your brain.”
“The order of receiving their patches will be as follows for rookies. Bottom rocker two months. Center patch four months. Top rocker and 1%er diamond after six months.”
“You do not have to fly your patch if you feel you are in an uncomfortable area or it interferes with your job or position.”
“We will be selling a support patch that simply says ‘Kin.’”
“We had a meeting with the Mongols and Sons of Silence. We were well received and received their blessing even though they wanted no more 1% clubs in Colorado. They said that knowing who was involved in the leadership and the way we went about our business that they were impressed.”
The above statements indicate that although the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club wish to be known as a 1%er club, they do not feel as though they should have to run the club following the same set of “rules” that most one percenter clubs before them have followed. Of particular interest is the willingness of a one-percenter motorcycle club to take in former law enforcement.
Ok, so that is what was forwarded to us here at Insane Throttle Biker News. So, what the hell is wrong with what they had to say? Not much from my angle, they were former Bandidos, decided they no longer wanted to belong, went their individual ways. Yea still not getting the argument behind the hater’s email that they are a pop-up internet club. The founders were EX BANDIDOS.

To be a Bandido, you must complete a prospective period, they did that, they were with that club for years until they felt that club was no longer for them. They quit, went and started something else. Not like they were never apart of another club, didn’t put the work in to become a patch member, so what, they quit and did their own thing. What I’m I missing here? It even went as far as stating they went and talked with the Mongols and Sons of Silence for all those Protocol Hawks that want to nitpick on that angle. By the way, this is 2018, the protocol shit like I’ve said so many times in the past, it’s dead, watered down by the Internet, watered down by the haters who went around preaching something they had no idea what they were talking about. Guys who were never in a club, people who discovered that they could finally voice their holes and have someone pay attention to them because the internet allowed them to.

Let’s see what else the bitches are, oh ok, “While we prefer American V-Twins the type of motorcycle is not important.” The dude who emailed me all these states “How can they be a 1%er club if they allow members to ride anything but a Harley”. My response to that is simple. When was the last time a damn Harley jumped up, had your back in a bar, and took on the dude about to smack your ass over the head with a pool cue? If a bike ever did that, please, tell us about it,that scooter is one amazing piece of steel. Yea, most clubs want American Made Bikes, but I’d rather have a solid ass brother behind me in a jam than to be concerned about what the hell he is riding. It’s 2018, that Harley Davidson is a “Must” argument is out the door, shit, even Sonny Barger prefers a foreign bike over a Harley if that tells you anything.

Lastly, the dude in the email was all hot and bothered by the statement. “You do not have to fly your patch if you feel you are in an uncomfortable area or it interferes with your job or position.” The exact quote from this ass-monkey. “How can they be a 1%er club if they are afraid to show off their colors”? That one made me shake my head, it was obvious this dude never rode in a club. I’ve been around clubs all my life. Guys in 1%er clubs do not have their rags on 24/7. Most don’t wear them to work, and most clubs have the 2 man rule during wartime. Meaning, you must have another brother with you when you sport a rag. It’s a safety thing, plain and simple. It doesn’t make them any less of a member of that club because they choose not to wear the rag. Just makes them smarter because they know if they are going through unfriendly territory they won’t be getting jumped by 10 guys.

Here is some advice to those haters that want to write in just trying to give me their two cents. Don’t point me to other websites to make your argument for you. For starters, most of these sites rely on third parties for their information. They do not go to the source. Secondly, most of the biker sites have a noticeable slant to a base that keeps them going. This says that they write to a section of the culture that in no uncertain terms will go against their beliefs. Meaning, they always were raised and taught no matter what a 1%er club has done, proven or unproven, the club is always on the right.

They are not independent in their views, they chose to have their site lean only one way and that’s fine, but that doesn’t help your argument when you’re dealing with an Independent News Source who calls it based on facts and without a slant to one side or the other. Insane Throttle is a huge supporter of the 1%er clubs, you can go back and look through all the articles we’ve done on them. However, always remember, we might support them, but when we see something that is in our opinion wrong, we are going to call it out. If we didn’t do that, what kind of biker news site would we be if we didn’t stay straight down the middle and independent?

As far as the Kinfolk M/C. My straight up opinion is that they have their brotherhood, who am I or anyone else for that matter to tell them they have to follow some sort of fucked up rules to be considered a real club? We are bikers! Are we not suppose to be able to say “Fuck the Rules”? Looks to me that the Kinfolk M/C are doing just that, bucking this so-called system and doing it the way they think is best for them. If they can go out there and back their colors, back the brotherhood, then who the hell is the haters to tell them they are a pop-up club?

As I close up, word for thought. Every club that you see out there today, be it the famous Hells Angels or down to the smallest M/C. They at one time or another was a so-called pop-up club, do you really believe they just appeared out of thin air? No, a group of brothers with an idea came together and started it. Think about that next time you’re running around bashing on clubs and trying to write into biker news sites, especially independent ones who are not apart of the same mold as the others.

USA - By Insane Throttle