"I’m a 1%er, so what does that mean? That means while I may not live by society’s rules I do follow the laws of the land. That means I will never fit in a 99% club, it means I’m a 1%er in or out the patch. A doctor is a doctor in our out of scrubs, convict is a convict in our out of the jumpsuit. This is my choice, this is my life and this is my profession.

So what does being a 1%er really mean? In my humble opinion it means ...I will be the ultimate brother, a man who takes care of his family above all things and one whose all about the highway. Me being a 1%er doesn’t mean the bullying of 99% clubs and independents. It doesn’t mean clashing with other clubs over territory, it doesn’t mean running drugs, guns or prostitution rings. It doesn’t mean trying to live up to the fiction that is Sons of Anarchy. Being a 1%er does mean I’m different from you though, it does mean I will handle my business if I feel threatened or my family is threatened. It means I will educate the ignorant but not out of intimidation. I will not force you to my will, I will not shovel feed you bullshit but will share and teach you all I know if you come to me honestly and sincerely.

Being a 1%er has nothing to do with the patch nor does it have anything to do with the 1% club you belong to, it has everything to do with who you are as a man and how you live within this society. A lot of 1%ers and non 1%ers have it all fucked up as to what being a 1%er is all about. They want to be famous, notorious and well known. I simply aspire to anonymity and peace. Talk with some real OG’s and they will tell you stories after stories that have nothing to do with what you see today. It makes you wonder why some clubs have pushed their OG’s aside and show no respect when they speak. How did the student become a master when he has no scares of war or knowledge to pass on?

How you ask? He is a shadow of what men once were and once aspired to be and for that and time in the club. Not war time but time in the club he was self elevated to power. Those who have never possessed true power feel the need to be at the forefront of chaos with little to no regard for anyone except them. They are self disillusioned ministers with dream of granger but pockets of paupers.

Money, power and pussy in 1% and 99% clubs have replace what I call BFH, Brotherhood, Family and the Highway. A new dawn is coming, what was once before shall be again. I can most certainly tell you that I will never step back to a 99% club but not because I feel it lesser than me but because how I operate within this society and the beliefs that are at the core of me I call BFH, Brotherhood, Family and the Highway. This I feel makes me the 1% of all 99% and 1% clubs." - A 1%er.

USA - MC & Gjengkriminalitet.


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