What has this outlaw lifestyle when 1%ers can no longer mount up and ride for miles upon end and not have to concern themselves with crossing the bounderies of enemy lines or crossing other Doms borders?

Is this the future our forfathers fought for when they first started this lifestyle would our predicessors be proud of the lifestyle and traditions we now practice, or would they turn there heads in shame?

Has this life become one giant power strugg...le? Where instead of riding and being with our brothers for the sake of brother hood have been clouded by the power struggle of who controls what territory or who is the baddest 1%er in the land.

Have we really become nations of power hungry men where we have forgotten the importance of living this life. Are gone the days when men banded together and road under the same patch for the love of the lifestyle. Are gone the days when we wore the Diamond not because we felt we needed to make a statement but because no one was gonna tell us when, where, or how we road, and lived our lives. It is often said that " the man makes the patch, the patch doesnt make the man''. To often then not it has become the other way around. I'm writing this not because I feel I am imperfect, but I am writing this in the hopes that in a world full of Jax Teller SOA wannabees there are still some real 1%ers out there who truly live there lives as a 1%er and that in future we can move forward and get back to what our forefathers wanted for us as Diamond 1%ER wearers with that.
Much Love, and RESPECT.
Kinfolk Apache 1%er KFFK