Weird Hal makes the Funny Papers

Weird Hal Porteous made the front page of the paper today. Talk about pimping the clown. Kim Bolan is reporting that "A longtime Vancouver Hells Angel is offering to help people get licences to grow their own medical marijuana “everywhere in Canada except Quebec!!!!” Hal Bruce Porteous, 45, made the offer in an Instagram post, asking followers who want the licence to send him a direct message." Everywhere except Quebec because the Quebec brothers would Je me souviens his ass faster than they did the Ontario Village Idiots.

Here's the deal. Weird Hal is an idiot. If he had half a brain he would be dangerous but he doesn't. That makes him harmless. If he wants to make some money off of legal pot them let him. God knows he can't make any money in the hip hop industry. He made two ridiculous music videos that made him the laughing stock of the entire planet. Weird Hal is not from Haney. Stiff gritty would roast his preppy ass faster than he slew Madchild.

You can put that preppy little b*tch on the most expensive motorcycle on the planet and guess what? He'll still be a preppy little b*tch. This is the picture that was on the front page of today's Vancouver Province. He's sitting on an insanely expensive show bike wearing sneakers. I told you the guy is an idiot. Cruisers sit really low. His short legs barely touched the ground.

I hear Weird Hal was really close with Dany Kane. You gotta hand it to the guy for coming out of the closet with all that hair dye and jewelry. He comes out loud and proud AC/DC all the way and I'm all for LGBT rights. Yo go girl. Far far away.

Canada - GO/DW.