March 04, 2018

OLD SCHOOL BYLAWS - The Code Of A Real MC Brotherhood.

01. Never touch a Brother´s lady.
02. Never steel from a Brother.
03. Never take a Brother´s business.
04. Never betray a Brother.
05. Never question a Brother.
06. Never speak bad about a Brother.
07. Never speak about the Club outside the Club.
08. Never speak to the Police.
09. Never use your Club´s name in your business.
10. Never use your Club´s name to benefit yourself.
11. Always show your colours respect.
12. Always fight for your colours.
13. Always respect a Brother
14. Always protect a Brother´s Family.
15. Always be yourself.
16. Always wear your colours with pride.
17. Always obey and follow the rules made by your Club.
18. Always speak good about all your Brother´s.
19. Always be the Brother your saying you are.
20. Always stay LOYAL to your Club & Brother´s.

MC & Gjengkriminalitet

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