The Top 6 Largest Gangs And 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs In New Zealand

The Top 6 Largest Gangs And Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs In New Zealand

1. The Mongrel Mob

The Mongrel Mob are the biggest gang in New Zealand and also the most intimidating.
The gang was formed in the late 1960s in the hawkes bay of New Zealand but now they
are located throughout the entire country and even have chapters in Australia
Mongrel Mob members are known for their full face tattoos. Nazi tattoos are very common among Mongrel Mob members such as swastikas and bulldogs wearing german helmets. The Mongrel Mob are not an outlaw motorcycle club however they do wear vests with patches. The Mongrel Mob's main enemy is the Black Power gang which is the 2nd largest gang in New Zealand. There has been many violent clashes between the Mongrel Mob and Black Power In past years.

2. The Black Power

The black power is the 2nd largest gang in New Zealand. The black power gang was formed in Wellington in 1970 to protect themselves from other gangs such as the Mongrel Mob and Skin Head Gangs. The black power now spread throughout New Zealand and their main
rival is the Mongrel Mob.

3. The Nomads

The nomads were formed in 1977 by Dennis Hines a former Black Power member. Many believe that he left the Black Power gang to form the Nomads because he believe the black power were becoming too soft. The Nomads are located in the horewhenua, Masterton And Wellington. In 2009 the leader of the Nomads died in prison resulting in a power struggle within the gang. This power struggle resulted in multiple shootings and a house was burnt to the ground however there were no fatalities.

4. The Head Hunters Motorcycle Club

The head hunters were formed in the late 1960s in Auckland. At first they started out as a street gang however they later became an outlaw motorcycle club. The head hunters now have chapters throughout the North Island. The head hunters also run a successful boxing gym called "The Fight Club". In 2014 Connor Morris a head hunter member lost his life in a street brawl when his opponent struck him with a machete.

5. Highway 61 MC

The Highway 61 Motorcycle club was formed in the late 1960s. THe highway 61 have chapters spread through out the North Island and and also have a chapter in Christchurch which is in the South Island of New Zealand. The highway 61 Motorcycle club even have a chapter in Brisbane Australia. In the late 1990s members of the highway 61 Motorcycle club were convicted of killing a member of the New Zealand Nomads gang.

6. The Hells Angels

The hells angels first came to New Zealand in 1961 and started a chapter in Auckland. This was the very first chapter that the Hell's Angels started outside of the United States. The Hells Angels now have chapters in Auckland, Wanganui and Nelson. In 2015 The Hells Angels shut down a local Nelson outlaw Motorcycle club The Lost Breed and formed a chapter of their own.