Gold Coast bikie Brett Pechey 'lost it' after breaking up with Instagram STAR Girlfriend

An infamous bikie 'lost it' after breaking up with his girlfriend, leading to a siege that allegedly saw him barricade himself in a house and threaten to stab police officers. Brett Sole Pechey faced the Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday over an alleged siege at an apartment in Fairlight Avenue at Robina, on the Gold Coast, on Saturday. It's alleged Pechey, a former president of the Bandidos West End chapter, was armed with swords and told police gathered outside he would attack unless they shot him.Pechey, 31, made headlines last month for an Instagram war with ex-Hells Angel Ben Geppert. The pair were dating cousins Rikki-Louise and Allaina Jones respectively.Allaina, who was also involved in the online stoush, claimed on Tuesday that Pechey and Rikki-Louise's split had pushed the tattooed bikie enforcer to breaking point. 'It wasn't surprising.they broke up and he (Pechey) just lost it,' Allaina claimed.Referring to Pechey as a 'fried unit', Allaina said she had not been in touch with Rikki-Louise since the Instagram stoush.'I'm not talking to Rikki at the minute, it sucks but we're family, so it's OK.' Pechey, who is now in a mental hospital as a result of the siege, faced three charges over the weekend's incident. Among them were serious assault, willfully and unlawfully damaging property, and a charge of committing public nuisance.He made an application for bail, but the hearing was postponed until Wednesday so a doctor's report could be provided.A total of 26 police officers reportedly tried to negotiate with Pechey, who allegedly stabbed a number of walls and kicked out windows in the home. He also allegedly told officers to 'come up, have a go and shoot him', and 'he would stab them if they didn't shoot him'.Police were only able to detain Pechey after he took prescription drugs that left him semiconscious, they claim.His defence lawyer Campbell MacCallum told The Courier Mail the dramatic siege was the result of extreme psychological stress in Pechey's life. 'My client is quite distressed after a number of factors arising in his personal life which forms some of the basis as to how events unfolded,' Mr MacCallum said.Pechey's Instagram war with Geppert saw him called a 'boneyard dog' and accused of being a police informant by his fellow heavily-tattooed bikie.The shooting death of ex-Comanchero bikie associate Liam Scorsese at the hands of police in February, and a falling out between Pechey and his ex girlfriend that resulted in an Apprehended Violence Order against him in March.In 2013 he became the most wanted man in Queensland when he fled to Thailand in the wake of a wild fight that became known as the 'Broadbeach bikie brawl'. That incident saw dozens of bikies surround police officers before attacking, hitting a number with punches.Pechey, who was among 18 charged over the attack, was forced to return from Asia a year after fleeing when he ran out of money. He was also charged with being involved in an extortion ring where he use stay.