April 03, 2018

MC now fight their Battles Online with social media!!!

We are in an age we’re social media dominates any other platform when it comes to world news. What comes to no surprise when you hear that 1%er motorcycle clubs are now resorting to social media to fight their rivals.

Over the last weekend and in the past few months, there has been many posts on social media, mainly the Facebook platform by national president of the Vagos MC Canada known as Damien Finnigan.

Left Damien Finnigan and to the right Wayne Jesmer.

As shown in the picture above, both individuals are from the same Motorcycle Club, however as you can see through Facebook posts on the official Toronto Vagos page there is no love between these two members.

An inside source has indicated that the two members had a falling out recently and now still currently National President for The Vagos MC, Damien Finnegan is trashing Wayne Jesmer through social media.

We reached out to Wayne Jesmer for comments but he declined. Our sources indicate that Wayne Jesmer may or may not have work for the OPP as an undercover officer for several years, however, what is clear is that he was in-fact involved in several criminal trials.

Our investigative reporters have confirmed that Mr. Jesmers recollection and testimony of the events during these criminal trials we’re very poor and lead to a dismissal of the cases both times.

We have found that Mr. Jesmer is in-fact a licensed private investigator in the province of Ontario, however,  little information about anything else is available.

It was very clear that the new Satan’s Choice MC had patched over about seven months ago into the VAGOS MC.  At that time when Mr. Jesmer (a member of the new Satan’s choice MC) patched into the VAGOS, all the information in regards to Mr. Jesmer being a licensed private investigator, and the rumors posted on social media about his involvement with law-enforcement whether truer or false were very well known.

Why would a 1% club allow such a person to join their ranks?
Have times changed so much that people forget the traditional ways and now resort to social media to cover their tracks? We have also seen the Facebook post that Damien Finnegan was allegedly giving statements to OPP. We have not confirmed or validated the truth fullness of these allegations, but nonetheless the post  is on Facebook and social media.

To sum it up why would a 1% outlaw motorcycle club allow such a person that they criticize into their club and furthermore patch over the whole entire club that was clearly marked as being owned by Mr. Jesmer and allow him to become a brother for seven months and then all of the sudden attack his credibility.

What one should be looking at is the Vagos MC Canada, another ploy by law-enforcement to infiltrate the MC world.

As more info come to light we will keep you updated.


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  1. Anonymous4/04/2018

    The press of that club is a rat !! Three members for how long now and half the guys don’t have a bike or a drivers License