April 16, 2018

North East Hell's angels bikers to stage welcome for Tall Ships

Around 250 of the North East's Hell's angels bikers are staged their own special welcome for the Tall Ships Races 2018. They'll form a guard of honour for the incoming Ships.

Their Club House, Angels Place - one of the oldest buildings in Sunderland - is at the edge of the river and was used to house and rehabilitate injured sailors. Making it an important piece of naval heritage.

Hells Angels carefully guard a full, battle log detailing the chronological events of the naval battle, noting each ship's fate  and the notification of Admiral Nelson's death in battle.
Tall Ships sail
 Alasdair Bailey, accountant and chairman of the Coalition Motor Cycle Club 2012 said :
"Even though the British were badly outnumbered, Nelson decided to go on the attack, declaring England expects every man to do his duty"
"He died doing his duty but under his orders the battle raged on, securing British control of the seas and ensuring Napoleon would never again try to invade the British Isles."
"It is incredibly fortunate that this log of the battle has survived all this time and we see it as our duty to protect it for future generations" 
"It's brilliant that the port of Sunderland, one of the oldest and greatest ports in Britain, has been chosen for this event and we want to show the rest of the country - and the world - that they will receive the very warmest of welcomes."

United Kingdom - BN.

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