57 white supremacist gang members charged in ‘staggering’ Texas meth case, feds say . Aryan Circle, Aryan Brotherhood, Peckerwoods among those arrested. Caution to those who compare these organizations to M/C’s

It astonishes me the ignorance of some people. I’ve seen articles trying to tie the Cossacks to some of these organizations that just got busted. You have people putting their two cents in saying the ordeal looks like a chapter out of the Sons of Anarchy. Talk about ignorant asses. Motorcycle Clubs are nowhere near the level of brutality some of these organizations possess. Groups like the Aryan Brotherhood and Peckerwoods are no joke. These organizations are the real deal in a very real game. The game this organizations play is no bullshit part in a show. Again, the keyboard warriors run to their computer pounding out opinions on something they have no clue about.

Before you warriors go running off at the mouth, here is a fact for you.

When someone goes down in a motorcycle club they have a whole new reality facing them. When they step behind the walls of a prison it’s all about survival. With most 1%ers in the major 5 being white.You can bet your ass they will gravitate to one of the white organizations inside. Depending on what state you’re in. This could be the AB, Nazi Lowriders, Dirty White Boys and so on. These organizations were formed because whites had to bind together for protection against the other groups. That said, some of these groups make the Outfit (Mob) look like cub scouts. These organizations are in the game to win and will do anything necessary to survive.

History lesson over. Now onto something real. Before people go out and level accusations, it might be wise to produce the proof, not hearsay. Produce actual proof of a link between an M/C and one of these organizations listed. You’re not only playing with fire, but you’re playing with peoples lives.

These organizations are made up of people who actually “Take care of business.” These types of organizations have no concern whatsoever putting someone in the ground.

The Motorcycle Club Community is being harmed by allegations of having ties to organizations like these.

The problems with supporters of one club or another is they miss the big picture all together.
People are so tied up trying to live someone else’s life, they have no idea what they are doing to the motorcycle club community. It’s easy to pass judgement on an organization when you didn’t have to put the work in for the patch. It costs what? $10 for a support patch and $25 for a support shirt. You didn’t have to do dick but fork over $35. But all of a sudden you’re an expert on everything a club does? The biker scene becomes a joke if that is all it takes to become some sort of expert. What’s even worse the 1%er clubs let these supporters go off on the internet running their mouths without putting them in check.

Let me see if I can get this straight. Supporters of one club are running around talking smack about how the Cossacks were involved with one of these organizations. I think that’s correct so far. These same people make all these allegations on the internet . This gets chatter started and people take a look at the Cossacks. Well, the people on the internet are no longer the only ones looking into it. You have feds getting involved at this point. Shaking down motorcycle clubs to see what their ties are to these organizations. Next thing you know, heat is coming down on all M/C’s in the area. Tattoos are looked at for example. Jake’s bolts were mentioned at trial. Does this mean he has a connection to these groups because of a tattoo? Rumors and internet chatter have real-world consequences. This is something supporters and keyboard warriors don’t care about. They got their support stuff so they can look cool. They don’t care what problems are caused by their mouths. Something goes down with clubs they are safely sitting behind their keyboards giving advice or making accusations and criticisms.

The extent some people go on the internet to cause problems

I saw a photo posted in a Facebook group. It must of been shared 400 times. It was a pic of a club member sitting on his bike. In the captions it said something to the effect “If another member of this club keeps driving stupid I’ll run him off the road. Serious stuff right there correct? One problem, the damn thing was Photoshop. It was plain as day to someone who works around computers all day.

Nevertheless, it was making it’s rounds on Facebook and people were taking it to be a real photo.
That’s how vicious these internet warriors are. Having a picture shared like that all over the internet is bullshit. It’s an example how someone with a grudge can make a real wold effect by getting someone hurt.

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Some clubs have the common sense to know it was a fake photo. Most of the bigger clubs have the same set up we do at the Throttle. They can find out who’s does what. Meaning it’s real easy to find out who people are when it comes to the internet. Insane Throttle has the name of the guy who originally put the photo together. Will we put the name out?

Certainly not, because we are responsible and won’t get someone hurt.

Final Thoughts

2018 is not “The Good Old Days”. We can see that with how some clubs operate. We also see the rise of people who never would’ve mattered a great deal in the overall club scene. Thanks to the internet, Facebook and other social media platforms. Clubs have to deal with people who are not members of any club running off at the mouth on the internet. This is causing all kinds of friction in the motorcycle club scene. The photo I was talking about earlier for example can have significant consequences on the street. Clubs need to learn to turn off the internet noise. It’s nothing but drama and no good for the scene as a whole.

USA - IT/James H.M.