Al Bundy Is King And Sons Of Anarchy Sucks.

Al Bundy will forever and ever be THE KING, and now the truth have to be told about Jax Teller´s REAL DAD.

From reliable sources do we now know, that Al The Bundy King had an affair with Gemma, and Jax was made in a Shoe-Shop called Kinky Shoe´s on Mainstreet, CA.

Why do you think Jax have so many brand new white sneakers in the TV-Show?

Clay was only a Prospect when Al The Bundy King was on top of Gemma, and knocked her around on the floor in the Shoe-Shop.

Clay did never accept the facts, that Al The Bundy King was Jax Teller´s Dad, and when he dicovered the truth about Jax´s real Dad he declared Al The Bundy King in BAD STANDING.

World - MC & Gjengkriminalitet.


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