May 13, 2018

Al Bundy Is King And Sons Of Anarchy Sucks.

Al Bundy will forever and ever be THE KING, and now the truth have to be told about Jax Teller´s REAL DAD.

From reliable sources do we now know, that Al The Bundy King had an affair with Gemma, and Jax was made in a Shoe-Shop called Kinky Shoe´s on Mainstreet, CA.

Why do you think Jax have so many brand new white sneakers in the TV-Show?

Clay was only a Prospect when Al The Bundy King was on top of Gemma, and knocked her around on the floor in the Shoe-Shop.

Clay did never accept the facts, that Al The Bundy King was Jax Teller´s Dad, and when he dicovered the truth about Jax´s real Dad he declared Al The Bundy King in BAD STANDING.

World - MC & Gjengkriminalitet.

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