Blaze Meth head sentencing hearing

Today is the final day of Blaze's three day sentencing hearing for being caught with half a kilo of crystal meth and a coupe of Joey's long guns when he was banned from possessing firearms after his domestic assault conviction. He was caught with the guns in the trunk after coming back from a trip to Vancouver where he loaded up with crystal meth from Hells Angel associates in Maple Ridge. The same trip he tried to set up a meeting with his Guildford meth head and I trying to pretend the troll that was spamming my bog wasn't him it was another meth head he met in Surrey Pretrial. You're gonna need more than a .22 to take out me flysh*t.

The heat bag claims he is no longer criminally active any more but we have heard that song before. He must means after the police started paying him to lie in court about drug dealing rivals. That's probably the shotgun he used to shoot Britney Irving in the back when they took her to shoot guns in the bush. That's not going to work on me weasel. Joey's letter to Blaze from prison.

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