Ex-Hells Angels chief 'Mom' Boucher sentenced to 10 years for murder plot

Ex-Hells Angels chief Maurice "Mom" Boucher has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to kill a former rival, high-ranking Mafia member Raynald Desjardins.

Boucher conspired with two accomplices to have Desjardins assassinated at the Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines penitentiary in 2015, according to an agreed statement of facts presented today at the Gouin courthouse.

Boucher's plan never came to fruition, and he was arrested in his cell that year.

Desjardins is already serving a sentence in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines for his role in the death of mob boss Salvatore Montagna. Boucher's daughter, Alexandra Mongeau, 28, was also handed a 21-month sentence to be served in the community after pleading guilty to concealment of money she knew was obtained through the proceeds of a crime.
Alexandra Mongeau in the corridors of the Gouin courthouse. (Radio-Canada)

Among her conditions are a curfew that becomes less restrictive as her sentence goes on. She will only be allowed to communicate with her father in writing. Mongeau was acquitted of the more serious charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

'All is good,' Boucher says

Boucher is already serving a life sentence for the 1997 murders of two prison guards. The 10-year sentence will run concurrently.

The sentence for the murder plot is the result of a joint submission by the Crown and Boucher's defence lawyer. When given a chance to address the court, Desjardins declined, instead saying, "all is good."

Quebec Superior Court Justice Éric Downs described Boucher as someone who is not on the path to rehabilitation, and said there is practically no mitigating factor in this case, except for his guilty plea last month.
Maurice "Mom" Boucher is already serving a life sentence for the 1997 murders of two prison guards. The 10-year sentence will run concurrently. (Radio-Canada)

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