Guns seized at Pacific Border crossing

Global is reporting that "The Canada Border Services Agency is announcing a significant weapon seizure that occurred at the Pacific Highway port of entry. On March 23, Scott MacCallum Osborne, a Canadian citizen who was living in the U.S. at the time, was referred to a secondary examination while seeking entry to Canada. A dog was also called in to assist. Further investigations found a total of 19 hand guns and 32 over-capacity magazines, hidden behind various panels within the vehicle."

CTV is reporting that Scott Osborne is a self-proclaimed professional gambler who fled to Las Vegas last year because his life was in danger. “In September 2017, Vancouver Police Organized Crime unit informed (Osborne) that a hit had been put out on him,” wrote his ex-wife Vanessa Osborne, in an affidavit. “(The Ministry) said we should move with the children.” His kids were in the car with the guns as he was taking them to visit their mother.

Sounds like he was on the Vegas money laundering run like Geoff Meisner and the Boys found someone to do the run cheaper again. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Canada - GO/DW.